First Letter Home!

This letter was actually sent on June 22, 2013.  I am Amber’s Mother and am just learning blogging.  Hopefully I can keep up with the wonderful way she writes.


Tagalog is a really cool language. It’s pretty cool how quickly we can learn langauges here in the MTC (Missionary Training Center). It’s awesome to walk around and hear a ton of different languages. Yesterday when Sis Maddock and I were practicing testifying to people, we learned how to say sister and elder in Russian. I have no idea how to spell it, haha, but it always surprises the Russian speaking elders when they hold a door open and we say, Salamat, (Russian word for elder). It’s also funny because our name tags are in English because of how many languages are in the Philippines, and so when other people hear us speaking Tagalog they get way confused. I think we start learning grammar next week. We haven’t spent any time on that yet, because we’ve just been immersed in the basics of prayer, testimony, and committing people to do things. I was able to remember last night how to commit Joy to reading the Book of Mormon, which was about the only entire phrase I remembered. Most of the lesson was a lot of saying ‘pananampalataya” (faith), “Jesucristo” “ang aklat ni mormon” and pointing, haha. We shared a couple of scriptures with her, too, which was good, I think. One mission president the other night was talking about how important it is to use the word of God when teaching people, because it is more pure and brings the Spirit more quickly than essentially anything we could say on our own. The Book of Mormon is an incredible tool in conversion. I was reading today and in 2 Nephi when Lehi was talking to Joseph, and he was prophesying how the people who were writing the Book of Mormon’s words were weak, but their faith would make them strong. We pray every day for kaloob ng mga wika (the gift of tongues) and for help with our teaching. I hope that even though our words are weak, that the Spirit will be able to be there to breach the huge barrier between us and our investigator, like PMG (Preach My Gospel) talks about in ch 7

Hermana Jess Reid was my host sister!!!! Basically the best thing ever. On our way around, we ran into Sis Sadie Anderson, and there was some screaming and a huge hug with the 3 of us. I’ve seen both of them around since then. Hermana Reid leaves to San Jose on Monday. I have also seen Elder Bradley Hintze, Elder Brantley Thomas, Elder Aaron Vaughn, Elder Tanner Smith, and  just a few minutes ago ran into Elder Tanner Howell! There are a bunch of people here I know that I didn’t even know were here. It’s just really funny to run into people.

lam ko po na Diyos ang ating Ama sa Langit. Mahal po tayo ng Diyos. Alam ko po na Jesucristo ang manunubos ako. alam ko po na salita ng Diyos ang aklat ni mormon.

Being a missionary is awesome. I love and miss you all! Mahal kita (I love you!)

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