may sakit po ako

This week was really kind of strange. Mostly because I’ve been sick for the last two days. Today I feel a lot better than the past two days, though.  I asked a couple elders in my district for a blessing, which I think helped a lot. I think it’s really cool how the Lord trusts these 18 year old elders with His Priesthood authority and that they are worthy to hold it. The Lord has always blessed me with the Priesthood easily accessible in my life, even when I was at school. I am really grateful for that this week.

Last week we did our first TRC, which is basically just sharing a message with someone who speaks Tagalog. It’s pretty fun! We just get to know the person and share a message. Haha, last week it was really funny though, because Sister Hardy was doing TRC and was sharing one of her favorite scriptures. But she accidentally turned a page too far and instead of reading Alma 29:10 she read Alma 30:10, only in Tagalog, so she didn’t catch on that she was reading the wrong one. not usually a problem, but in this case Alma 30:10(the one she read) was about how when people murder, they are punished, when they commit adultery, they are punished…and the guy just gave her this funny look. Ah man, it was too funny.
We’ve been learning a lot this week about the importance of being bold. We have the authority as missionaries to say, “You NEED to read this book. You NEED this in your life,” instead of just saying, “If you want, you can read this.” As the Lord’s representatives, we must be bold with the message we are sharing. We’ve been working on that a lot this week as we practice teaching. I think as Latter-Day Saints, we are all disciples of Christ, and we all need to be more bold than we currently are. Sometimes we get afraid of offending someone by being bold and inviting them to come to church or an activity, or even standing up for your own beliefs. The world is being pretty bold with thier beliefs right now, and we need to not be afraid to stand up for the Lord and our own knowledge and beliefs. We know the truth, and we need to share what we know. We NEED to.
After the Sunday devotional, we go to another room where they show…basically a recording of another devotional. They keep us so busy, haha. Well, this one was super awesome. It’s called “The Character of Christ” by Elder Bednar, and if you can find it somewhere, you HAVE to go read it or watch it or something. It’s something really humbling, at least as a missionary, but surely it would be for anyone. He discusses what the Character of Christ is and how to better understand how to take on that character in ourselves. I realized I have a long way to go, but that it’s about consistently striving to make steps in the right direction.
Tagalog is still coming along. we learned a lot of helpful things this week, like the grammar for questions and different question words, and some more verb conjugations. long word for the week: mga pangangailangan. it means “needs” as in “needs that you have.” also, pinakamakapangyarihan means ‘Almighty” or “all-powerful.” Let’s just say I’m going to be really good at tongue-twisters when I come home. Sometimes I feel dyslexic because a lot of the words are so similar. ‘pinsan’ is cousin, but ‘pansin’ is a verb that means something else, and “pasanin” …or “panasin”, i can never remember, means ‘burden.” they are easy to confuse and a looot of words are like that.
Another thing I’ve been learning a TON about this week is the importance and power of prayer. SOBRANG mahalaga ang kapangyarhian sa panalangin. I just wish I could tell everyone I know how crucially important prayer is. Prayer isn’t just ‘something we do’ in the church. I think especially when we grow up in the church it feels that way, and we know all the right things about prayer, that we’re speaking to God, that He hears and answers us…we know those things. but we don’t apply them. Prayer isn’t just something we do. I can’t say it enough. The second you decide you truly want to understand your relationship to God as His own son or daughter, your prayers will change. Once you understand that, suddenly, your prayers will be a whole lot more like Enos’. I’ve read Enos I think at least 10 or 15 times this week. Pay attention to the things he does and says. PMG says that prayer is a form of WORK, and it is. If it’s not, you’re probably not doing it right. We can all pray a little better every day. If you pray to have the Spirit guide your prayers, you will be able to pray more sincerely. If you ask the Lord to teach you how to pray, really pray, He will. And once your prayers change, YOU will change, because everything about the gospel will become real, and true conversion will begin to happen within yourself.
mahal po kayo ng Diyos!
mahal kita!
Sister Carr

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