Sounds like everyone had a crazy getting-back-to-school week. making me a little nostalgic! haha.

This week was crazy. and exhausting and I am not even sure what I remember about it.

Well, Monday we went to a fun family home evening that was combined with four families, the other Ward 4 missionaries and the two sets of sisters from Penablanca as well. And these people were….really rich, so dinner was great, and then they drove us home through the bagyo (big storm). It was pouring rain, and since the rain falls so fast here, there is a lot of standing water. On top of that, the driving situation in the philippines is crazy. There is no set speed limit, and so people go however fast they want and pass people whenever they want on whatever side of the road they want. So for me, actually, the drive home was pretty awful, because I got a lot of anxiety due to the wreck last December. I always forget that happened until there’s inclement weather again.

Tuesday we had district meeting…..oh, and that night was kind of frustrating because people got confused with the dinner calendar and we had two dinner appointments. we tried to work it out so one set of sisters went to one and we went to the other, but we could tell it would offend them if we all didn’t show up. It was frustrating to me because we had to reschedule two appointments that would have been really great lessons.

Wednesday caught us by surprise, as we received a text after companionship study from the Sister Training Leaders (aka the other set of sisters in our ward, and the sisters we do everything with on Pday…and have dinner with every night, haha) Sister Ramos and Sister Wilkins, saying that they were coming over to do splits with us that day. So we spent my language study time figuring out who would visit which investigators and creating a new plan. Splits were great, though. I went with Sister Wilkins, the American sister that I love. She has been out for a little over a year, so she is fluent. I learned a lot from her about teaching and actually, just a lot about life. I love talking to her and working with her. Lots of our lessons fell through, so we spent a lot of time OYMing, but the two lessons we did have went really well. They stayed at our apt to observe nightly planning and our study the next day. after our study, they taught us a lot of things. One thing I learned the importance of was punctuality. For the most part, sis barril and I are actually pretty punctual in terms of study and getting out of the house. but sis. ramos is all about being exactly on time. she said, “if you’re one minute late for your personal study, you’re on verse one and the spirit is on verse 7. if you’re ten minutes late getting out the door, you’re about to leave, but the spirit is already on the tricycle going to the lesson.” Basically she said, the spirit is on time, the spirit isn’t idle, and the spirit doesn’t frown. If we are the opposite of any of those, we can’t have the spirit with us. We also learned a lot about our companionship.

We had some good lessons over the weekend, and HOORAY because Jovic and Jomel came to the full block of church! All the Calluengs and Jovic all know that it’s true, we just need to set a baptismal date and work through some other concerns. We are really excited about them.

We had a crazy miracle this week. on Thursday morning, I felt great, and then as soon as I started PS (personal study) I felt really anxious, like I needed to do something else. So I tried a bunch of different things and couldn’t shake the feeling. So CS (comp study) starts, and I tell her what I’m feeling. So she thinks and says…okay, let’s go for a walk. Oookay. So we go outside and walk up our street and she says, let’s go visit sister glenis (the woman we teach who owns the tindahan on our road) and so we go there and buy some juice. There is this woman there waiting for a trycie. We start talking to her. Apparently she was supposed to be baptized ten years ago, but moved suddenly right before and it never happened. It also turned out that she is the same person as this referral we’ve been trying to contact for a few weeks! Then she got on the trycie and left. If we were there even a couple minutes later, we would have missed her. It was awesome.

The language is still hard, but still improving. I’m starting to get the hang of this dialect thing they do– “yung”. My MTC teacher told us about it, thank goodness, or else we’d be super confused. ‘yung’ means the same as ‘ang’ and they use it all the time. I’m finally starting to be able to use it sometimes instead of just ang.

The other sisters had a baptism on Saturday. So they get there early, and there’s no water in the font. and somehow the tap isn’t working, so they start using buckets to fill it up. The tap worked on and off and it wasn’t full for an hour and a half. There was a bagyo coming in, so there was a brownout.(blackout). I guess usually those don’t affect the church, but this time it did, so the whole time we prepared, the electricity was spacey. and then during the service, we were singing Nearer My God, To Thee right before the baptism itself, and the lights go out. and then we’re like, “darkness be over me..” and kind of chuckled at that one. The service was great, though.

Good luck with everything that is going on at home! It’s always kind of funny to realize that life at home is still life at home, and that life here for me still seems relatively normal most days. Occasionally I think, whoa, I am in the Philippines. But most of the time, it’s just normal, haha.

I love you all! Good luck with everything.

Sister Carr

Oh! and here is a fun fact for you:

The youth of the ward here took a trip to the Manila temple to do baptisms…..for 3,200 names. Each of them was baptized for about 180 names!!! Can you believe that? so crazy, but so awesome. 🙂



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