A new week

Dear Family,

I am reeeeeeeally glad last week is over now, haha. Like I said last week, I had a huge headache. Right after emailing, we hurried to the store to buy some groceries, went straight home and I just laid on my bed…tried to sleep, but my head hurt super bad. That night I got a blessing from the stake president. I remember it was good, but I don’t really remember what he said, because it was in Tagalog. I can usually understand a lot from it, but the problem is I spend so much brain power trying to understand in the first place that I usually can’t remember what people said too long after they finish speaking. Anyways, we weren’t able to work Monday night because of that.
Tuesday we went to Cauayan for the departure fireside of the missionaries who went home this week. I sang at it, it was good….kinda makes you want to go home, but it’s also fun to see my batchmates.
Wednesday was transfer day, but Sis Barril and I are still together in Tug 4. Sis Ramos got transferred, though, and we miss her! But Sister T (Iiiii don’t remember her whole last name. it’s samoan. she is from california, though) is awesome! She and Sis Wilkins were companions in the MTC so it’s already been really fun for them. Except the trycie drivers charge them a ridiculous amount because neither of them are Filipino and even though they speak Gagalog they have a hard time trying to drive the price down. We worked a lot on Wednesday and it was great. We taught 7 lessons and they were all awesome.
Buuut the next day I felt bad. We went to zone meeting and I started feeling really bad–like fever and tired..bleh. So we went home and I slept…and basically we didn’t leave the apartment until Sunday. I really hated that. It’s really boring to sit in your apartment for three days straight. Apparently I had ‘shigungunia’…. or that’s how it’s said, nobody has any idea how to spell it. (Chikungunya) It’s basically like Dengue but not as bad. fever…headache…slight rashes…fatigue. Today I’m doing way better though, after resting a lot last week, so I’m really hoping that I can work all this week.
We had a greeeat thing happen this week, though!!!!! We have an investigator with a special case, whose case was so difficult for the baptism standards that he has been investigating since 2007. Since then, his whole family has been baptized–immediate, as well as his wife and kids—but not him. He was stuck. Interviewed with the mission president this week, though, and finally got clearance to be baptized! It was so exciting, and he is so happy. As we taught him we always felt his testimony. I’ve never seen or felt true repentance like I’ve felt teaching him, because he is truly a changed man, and he knows it. Really exciting.
I learned a lot about trusting in Jesus Christ this week. Christ wants us to have enough faith to recognize that we are in the same ship as Him, and that because we are, He will never let our ship sink, no matter how bad the storm becomes. Sometimes we panic when the storm starts to rage and we feel like our prayers are not being heard–sometimes we cry out, “Master, carest thou not that we perish?” and sometimes, we even abandon ship, fearing it will sink. But Christ will always answer those reactions a very loving way– “why are ye fearful, o ye of little faith?” He simply wants us to trust Him, that as long as we are on His ship, it will sail on. It will not sink. That He will still the storm in His time, and not necessarily when we demand it. But He always will still the storm at some point. We just have to be faithful knowing that He will.
I love you!! have a great week!
Sister Carr
The following are excerpts from other letters sent home:
Hey, so….for your questions, and to respond to people’s emails…

Vegetables are on our grocery list. I eat them at people’s houses but we don’t eat a ton at home…mostly we actually eat a lot of rice and hot dogs (gag). I have no idea how to make food here. The problem is, they don’t have most of the vegetables that our family eats on a regular basis. Salads don’t exist here, because lettuce doesn’t exist, and the tomatoes are usually green and super small. And we don’t have an oven…and so between not having food I”m familiar with combined with just a stove and a microwave….I have no idea what food to make here. So if you could recipe hunt a lot…that would be really nice. because I can’t keep surviving off these cheese-filled hot dogs haha.
Dad, we were walking to this investigator’s house last week, and cut through this field area by the bishop’s house. There aren’t a lot of like..’field’ expanses here that aren’t covered by corn or other things like that. This one was just like grass and a couple cows. So you know for sure that I am your daughter because the first thing I said to sister Barril when we walked into it was, “This would be a great place for a soccer field.” hahaha. It’s pretty much the only place I’ve seen that’s even somewhat suitable for that purpose.
I love you all and hope you will continue to be happy. 🙂
Sister Carr

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