I got my hair cut

Don’t worry, it was intentional.

My hair was starting to get reeeally difficult to manage, super tangly, fluffy, pretty much untameable unless I put it up…and also washing it, trying to get the tangles out, lots of it would come out and I wasn’t too excited about losing all my hair.
So after I started going crazy because of it, and getting really frustrated, I finally decided last night I needed to get it cut. So after a stressful morning of almost not being able to get support (haha and we were really poor by the end of these two weeks because we had to pay our electric bill) we finally made it to a salon. And they take us back to get my hair cut, and the person who is to cut my hair starts talking to us.

She was really nice and I think did a pretty good job on my hair, especially since I didn’t really know what to do with it, just that it needed to be a lot shorter. Turned out better than I hoped, haha. I just need to buy a flat iron here today so I can do it sometimes maybe.  And it was great, because I only paid 38 pesos for it. which is about a dollar. And all of them in the haircut place were talking about the color of my hair the whoooole time. “Is that your natural hair color? I love it. it’s so ashy.” I don’t know what ashy is, buuuut okay. so that was an adventure today.

The rest of the week was great!
On Tuesday we went to Ilagan, about an hour and a half from here, for Zone Conference. It was absolutely wonderful. Pres. Rahlf talked about God the Father and the Nature of Jesus Christ. It was so cool to have the whole focus of the conference on Them. I learned so much. We’ve been working on making sure all our lessons are centered around Christ. It really changes the whole spirit of the lesson if you consciously try to do that. I’ve been really trying to think of Them more often and learn about Them, and my relationship with Them has already grown so much. It makes the work a lot more joyful and a lot easier to be faithful on the difficult days. I love knowing I can receive strength from the Atonement.
Our wonderful ward members gave us two great referrals this week! Super prepared sila. They have a lot of potential and I’m really excited about teaching them this week.
On Saturday, it was the Family Week celebration for the whole church in the Philippines! So the whole stake met at the Cataggaman church building and there were games, food, and fun all day. Super great, and super fun to spend time with the members and play with them. I juggled a volleyball with some kids, and one kid actually plays soccer, and was pretty good! So that was really fun. And then I joined four of the relief society sisters from our ward in a sack race against the other wards. We destroyed. And afterwards, I think half the stake came up to shake my hands and tell me how fast I am at sack-racing. “mabilis mo! ang galing mo!” hahaha. I caught a great picture of a brother in our ward during the men’s sack race, ahaha. We ate dinner at their house last night and they were all just laughing so hard. The whole day was really great. Later we had a great lesson with the family who lives near us, who then attended church the next day. 🙂
Those are the main highlights from this week, I think. We had a good week. We only have 3 weeks left until transfers and I’m getting kind of nervous because I don’t feel ready for Sis Barril to be transferred or to train (which is the most-likely scenario) but we will just see what happens, I guess. It’s a great time to be a missionary right now, though!
I am happy to be here and am learning so much. I hope you all have a great week!
Sister Carr
New Haircut!
National Family Week Celebration                                                                Ward Four Winners!

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