Pinaka-suwerte kayo lahat!

You are all theeee luckiest, because you already got to see general conference! We don’t get to see it until next weekend, due to the time difference (see, it was already Sunday here when you watched the Saturday session). But I’m super excited to watch it! It’s so nice to have a chance to be taught instead of being the one teaching, haha. That’s why we love Sundays as well. But we got to watch the Relief Society general broadcast on Saturday and it was sooo great! So spiritually uplifting, and made us even more excited to hear from many other leaders in the church in the upcoming week.

This week seemed like it went by really quickly, and the next two, which are the last two of this transfer cycle, will probably fly by as well. This week we will only have one full day of work because Monday is pday, Tuesday we have district meeting in the morning, Wednesday all the foreigners have to go to Ilagan or Cauayan or something for fingerprinting, Thursday we will work all day, Friday we have weekly planning, and Saturday and Sunday we have conference. The next week will be mostly normal except if I end up training and need to go to Cauayan for the new trainers’ meeting. which is very likely, because there are 29 new missionaries coming in next cycle. Either way, one of us will be getting transferred, because my 12-week training will be completed. kind of nervous, but excited din (as well)!
We’ve had some struggles with people with baptismal dates and progressing investigators. Satan sure doesn’t want this work to move smoothly. and here in the Philippines, you run into a looooot of weird situations that create difficulties with being baptized. The biggest of that being the divorce laws here–divorce is pretty much against the law. and annulment is incredibly expensive. so many people will get married, then separate and find a new partner, and then actually establish a family with the second without actually being married. We run into a lot of problems with the law of chastity–which has to be followed completely before baptism–and the law of the land. It creates a lot of hard situations, but…we’re trying to get it figured out. I think after five years of being together they can be baptized, but I”m still not exactly sure how it works.
We had two great referrals this week that seem very promising! haha, maybe I already mentioned them last week, but we started actually teaching them this week and it’s gone really well so far. 
The best thing that happened this week was that on Sunday, a less-active family we have been visiting since august CAME TO CHURCH! Sobrang Masaya! 🙂 it was so great. And the whole family came, which is great, because we can really get them geared toward the temple and becoming an eternal family. Many families here are part-member and that can be a struggle.
Sister Wilkins got Chikungunia too last week, and was really covered in rashes. They didn’t work for like four days the week before, and then she kind of got better, but then the rashes came back. So on Tuesday I stayed with her in her apt and Sister Barril and Sister T worked in both our areas. Sister Wilkins slept pretty much the whole day, so I just watched church movies on the Dvd player and did some Tagalog Book of Mormon reading. 
The 9 and 10 year olds we are teaching, Jamvee and Ramvee, whose baptism date we thought for sure wouldn’t get moved is now…moved. 😛 There are issues of some sort, (we’re not exactly sure) their dad is kind of hard to deal with. So when we said, “okay, we have planned for your baptism to be on october 19” the Mom, and Jamvee and Ramvee were excited, and then the Dad said something like, no, November 7. (he’s really into numerology…) and we said, well, that’s not a Saturday…how about October 19? and he said, well, then..not November 2, but November 2 plus 7, is November 9
So after a week of trying to get him to change it, I think it’s Nov 9 now. Buut I’m not quite sure if we’ve given up on our hopes of October 19, haha.
Well, it’s weird to hear about how it snowed and how it’s been getting cold….as far as I’m concerned, it’s still August. haha, Although I see Christmas trees (although not exactly traditional) and lights all over now, as of a couple weeks ago, Mid-September. The Filipinos are all really excited that it’s almost Christmas, haha. 🙂
I read this morning in D&C. Christ says, “pray always, that you may come off conqueror.” When Christ gives us wisdom like that, we can be assured that if we apply it, His promises will be sure. I know that no matter our trial or struggle, sincere prayer will be our lifeline to Christ’s Atonement and our Father in Heaven–and they will help us come off conqueror. Never forget how truly valuable prayer is. Don’t take it for granted–just do it. 🙂
I love you all!
Sister Carr

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