Magiging Trainer na ako

Hello Dear Family!

This week…was absolutely insane. Heh, again. But 500 miracles later, our baptisms pulled through and we had two on Saturday!

Their names are Carol and Romeo Tamayao. Very humble, and have a lot of faith. Everything was going fine and they were really excited to be baptized. They’d been cleared by the district leader and everything.

Tuesday we teach them and start filling out their paperwork. “When were you married?” ……”hindi pa.” (not yet) ……what?? well, that was a shock to us, because somehow even though we’d taught them everything, including the law of chastity, and through their interview, we didn’t know they still weren’t actually married. Crud. We called the District Leader, who referred us to the Zone Leaders, who told us to text President, and President said they just needed to get married.

So we called the Bishop, and he said there was a member who worked in that department in the city hall. So we went to the Municipio and talked to her. She said normally the paperwork takes 10 days…but that she could get them married by Friday. so the adventure started, haha.

So Wednesday we had to hunt down some paperwork to fill out and we were back and forth all afternoon to the Municipio. that night I received a call from the AP’s saying I would be a trainer next cycle and that I needed to go to Cauayan on Thursday for new trainers’ training. So Thursday, I went to Cauayan with Sister Cabada and Sister Meinzer and Sis Barril went with Sister Vaelua to do the rest of the paperwork.

While I was in Cauayan, Sis Barril had to track down their birth certificates and the birth certificates of their 6 children. Plus a bunch of other paperwork. She texted me later saying if the mayor was just available Friday, they could get married, but if not, they wouldn’t be able to yet. So we opened a fast right then that the mayor would be available. Sis Cabada and I got in a van to come back to Tuguegarao. Halfway there, the van suddenly told us to get out and we needed to get on this huge ugly bus instead. So we got on the super crowded bus. Poor Sis Cabada was coming down with Chikungunia and felt bad. The bus took us to Avocado street in my area. We got out and we started walking to get a trycie to San Gabriel, when we crossed paths with Sis Barril and Sis Vaelua! We un-splitted and Sis Barril and I hurried to San Gabriel to meet with the Municipio lady. She signed the papers and told us we just needed a lawyer to sign it. She referred us to one, but it was just past 5pm when we arrived there and it was closed. Miraculously, these random people outside said there was a lawyer the floor above who might still be there. we went upstairs and she was there! We got all the papers signed.

The next day, the Mayor was available! We went to ‘People’s Day’ in Annafunan East (where the city govt officials set up booths in a barangay to assist the people there instead of having the people come all the way to the municipio for help) and sat there for three or four hours before they did the marriages.  Eight couples all got married by the mayor simultaneously in this barangay hall place…it was just weird. But it was all legit, so everything got signed and good to go, and our investigators were married on Friday. 🙂

Saturday, we were teaching them the last few commandments. At the end of our lesson, as we were talking about baptism and confirmation, this missionary from their old church showed up at their house and awkwardly watched us teach. Then we left. Later, we were at the church. The baptism was scheduled for 5pm and at 4:45, still our investigators weren’t there yet, and we were kind of worried. So we got in Bro. Maddagan’s trycie and went to their house. We run over and the lady next door is like, “alis na sila!” (they left) and we go over to check and all the little kids who are always there run over, “alis na sila! alis na sila!” So we get back in the trycie, and get a text from Sis Wilkins that our investigators made it to the church. Yaaay! Later we found out their old church people came back two times that day to try to convince them to not be baptized. But they are wonderful, and have strong testimonies and told them that they knew this was the true church and wanted to be baptized. The baptism was great, and they were so happy. It was awesome to see their humility and their faith, and to hear their testimonies. It was a great thing to be a part of and to witness so many miracles that happened for these wonderful people.

That was pretty much the focus of our week. Our trainer’s training was really good. I am excited to be a trainer, except also really nervous. I don’t really know how everything will go down, and it’s very possible my companion will be a foreigner (not filipina) fresh from the MTC with less Tagalog than I have. So it will be an adventure, haha.

Besides that, I just want to say I know the Atonement is real and very powerful, if we choose to use it. I know prayer is immensely powerful as well, because that is how we access the Atonement of Jesus Christ in our lives. Don’t forget to pray–because nothing could help you more.

I love you all!


Sister Carr



Mga bata :) little kids who always call us 'tita' (aunt) haha

Mga bata 🙂 little kids who always call us ‘tita’ (aunt) haha

Us at Callueng's with Jovic

Us at Callueng’s with Jovic


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