New Cycle


Well, it’s a new cycle, and I am now a trainer! My new companion is Sister Solis. She is from Manila. She is very excited to be in the field and very motivated to work, which is great 🙂
Last week was kind of crazy with transfers and everything. Sister Barril is now a sister trainer aaaand got transferred to Cauayan and is now companions with Sister Wilkins!! Which is crazy to me, but probably means nothing to you, haha. I miss having Sister Wilkins here, though. I’m super happy that Sister T is still here in Ward 4.
We had stake conference on sunday. I played piano for musical numbers during the youth and adult session. It’s nice to be able to play the piano, even if it’s just straight from the hymn book.
President and Sister Rahlf came up for the conference and it was great to see them. I always love seeing them! They gave great messages about missionary work.
The transfer meeting was crazy because the flight from Manila to Cauayan that day was cancelled. Which meant the new missionaries had to fly to Tuguegarao, then be bussed to Cauayan. With a delayed flight and all the travel…transfer meeting started at 7pm instead of 3pm. We didn’t get back to Tuguegarao until midnight.
Our investigators don’t seem to be doing too well right now…lots of them are kind of on the verge of being dropped, which is really hard. People just don’t make it a priority. Then it’s frustrating because they let us into their houses but they don’t let the gospel into their hearts. So every lesson is just like us desperately doing everything we can to help them understand it and them just sitting and nodding and then not keeping commitments. I think we are often referred to as ‘bible study,’ no matter how many times we try to explain our purpose up front.
I wish so much that people would just understand the gospel. The problem is that people just aren’t’ ready or willing to change. The gospel is intended to change us constantly…so if people are too stubborn to change, no matter how beautiful the gospel is, how real the Atonement is, and how merciful Jesus Christ is, their agency allows them to harden their hearts and choose not to let it into their hearts. And it’s the saddest thing when someone rejects the gospel. 
Hopefully we can have a good week this week.
I love you all!
Sister Carr

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