Baptism AND Confirmation!

Hello dear family!

This week was really full of wonderful things!
The Area President of the Philippines, Elder Nielson, and his wife toured our mission this week! They spoke at a member-investigator-missionary devotional on Wednesday night. They spoke a lot about member missionary work. One thing Sister Nielson said that I loved was about how we go to church to give. She said so many times, we go to church thinking things like, “I hope the lesson is good today. I hope the talks are good today. I hope so-and-so prepared well for the lesson…” and we just hope to get and get and get. really, we go to church to GIVE. we need to be more aware of the people around us. if there are people there you don’t know, we should go introduce ourselves. see who you can help. things like that. I thought it was really true and noticed I always look forward to church to ‘get’ when really, church is the time we should all be trying to edify each other.
On Thursday, Elder and Sister Nielson held our zone conference. It was fantastic. Sister Nielson had a meeting with the sisters in the morning. She talked about ‘becoming holy.’ she spoke a lot about how holiness requires opposition, but usually we have a perspective where we can only see or feel the opposition and don’t feel a whole lot of holiness.Hher remarks were based around a book she read, which compared it to like when you walk in your house and your kids made a huge mess again and you have to clean it up, how it’s easy to just become angry and frustrated. she said she had to laugh because a week or so before she read that book, she did that very thing, and got so frustrated that she went and got a rake and raked up all the stuff in her kids’ playroom into a huge pile. hahaha Ah it was so funny. But then the book talked about how we can either look at it as a frustrating mess, or we can realize that your kids have warm clothes, toys, and food that makes all those crumbs and clutter, and that your husband has a job to pay for it all. same thing with other things in life…how we can either just focus on the opposition, or start recognizing the holiness that is around us. She said there is a lot of holiness in someone trying to do their very best to do the right thing. She related a lot of it to missionary work, and I needed to hear all of that. She also said, “missions are hard, and your hair looks terrible the whole time,” which is true, and we all laughed at that. 🙂
Sister Rahlf spoke on devotion, which was another great talk. President Rahlf spoke about Christmastime and how it is a wonderful time to be a missionary because we can share the true message of Christmas with people. I gained a lot from that as well. Sister Nielson spoke about companionships that gave me a loooot of new insights on how to be a better companion. Elder Nielson spoke about receiving revelation, and then helping our investigators receive revelation as well.
All in all, zone conference was wonderful.
Then I got the christmas package! haha, I already opened all of it…sorry. but it was really great. I am so grateful to have a wonderful family. I felt so much love from each of you! Especially the pillowcase, that was my favorite part.

Saturday were the baptisms of Jamvee and Ramvee!!! I love them so much. They are wonderful kids, and man, I was so happy to see them get baptized.

The next day, Sunday, we got a text that I had known for weeks would probably come. I had been praying for weeks that Ramvee and Jamvee could get baptized on Nov 9 and confirmed the next day, because I didn’t want Bro Lito delaying it even further again (they were supposed to be baptized on Oct 19). Sunday Sis Pauline (bro lito’s wife) texts us and says that Bro Lito got in  a fight with his mom and wanted to delay the confirmation until next sunday. I knew if it would ever actually happen, it needed to happen that day and not be delayed. I asked her to pray and try to get him to change his mind. we texted a bunch of the missionaries and members and asked them to pray that jamvee and ramvee could be confirmed that day. then Sis Solis and I opened a fast. shortly thereafter, Sister Pauline texted saying that he had miraculously changed his mind, and they would be coming to church for the confirmation.
They arrived at the church, and Jamvee and Ramvee were confirmed by their grandfather, and it was wonderful.
I know when we do all we can and give our best to the Lord, He is willing to give us miracles! And I especially know that this is His work, and that He is the one in control. We are truly His instruments.
I love you all so much!

Sister Carr

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