This week

Hello family!

This past week was kind of crazy, and unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do a whole lot of work. Monday was pday, and that went just fine. Ttuesday, though, we started working around 1pm and as we left our first lesson, I started feeling reeeally weird physically, and I said to Sis Solis, I think I’m getting sick…I am exhausted. so we went home so I could just take a rest…and I ended up being totally out for a three hour nap. we taught a couple other lessons that night, and I still felt weird.
Wednesday, we got up early and went to Cauayan for the new missionaries/trainers meeting. Mostly it was for the benefit of the new missionaries, since the trainers really didn’t learn anything new. but it was fun to see some of my friends, and then we traveled back up to Tuguegarao on a super crowded bus. 
Thursday, we had zone meeting and interviews with President Rahlf. I learned a loooot of things about my companion during that interview, and then we were going on splits with the sister training leaders, Sister Tulikihihifo (Sis T) and Sis Diola. I was with Sis T. after Sis Diola and Sis Solis left on their split, Sister T and I spent the rest of the day talking through a lot of what has been going on and figuring out how we can improve our companionship.
Friday, we finished the split, but we also got support, and since none of us had food, we all went to Savemore to do shopping. We only were able to teach a little bit that night.
Saturday I was starting to feel pretty sick, so me and Sister Solis only worked for an hour and then we went to a baptism, where we were happy to see that one of our investigators accepted the invitation to come! But the whole baptism both Sis T and I were feeling really bad. After the baptism, we were both exhausted and so we went to my apt and Sis Solis and Sis Diola went on splits again. 
Sunday, I was only able to work for an hour again, and left church an hour early. I have kinda bronchitis-like symptoms, but I’ve been trying to get enough rest and drink a lot of water, so today I think I’m doing better than the past few days. Hopefully it goes away so I can start working again. I hate slow weeks.
Haha, man, there was this one baptism in some other area…but I saw a picture of the water in the baptismal font. ahahahaha. Think Mountain Dew. It was seriously green water. Well, the baptism happened anyway, haha. I think the next baptism is planned to just be in the river.
But things are good, and I’m hoping that we can have a great week this week! I am happy to hear that things are going well at home!
I love you all!
Sis Carr
It’s crazy everything that the Tacloban mission has had to do….President Rahlf sent us a bunch of information about it today. All the missionaries from that mission went to Manila and were reassigned to 11 other missions in the Philippines. (not here, because they are all Cebuano speaking missionaries and ours is a Tagalog speaking mission) and since there are already so many missionaries here, in some missions, all the missionaries in those missions who only had 2 months left were asked to go home early so they could absorb the new couple hundred of missionaries. That’s insane.

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