December na!


I can’t believe it’s December already! naks, that is crazy. The last six weeks with Sis Solis have flown by already, and we are beginning our second cycle together. 6 weeks from now, I will have another new companion! It’s crazy how fast the time goes by, especially when each individual day feels so long, haha.
Well, we had some great things happen last week.
Thanksgiving was great! …it doesn’t exist here, but on Thursday, our dinner appointment was with the Gramaje family–a husband and a wife that I adore. We shared a message about gratitude, and while they were discussing it with us, the Spirit was so strong. They are two of the most humble, happy, grateful people I have ever met in my life, and it was an absolute blessing to spend Thanksgiving evening in their home. I learned so much about how happy you can be as you develop a spirit of thanksgiving in your day to day life.
Renato was baptized! Due to some certain issues, he has been investigating the church for 7 years, but unable to be baptized. he finally got clearance by the mission president, and was baptized on Saturday. during the past 7 years, he brought his whole family into the church, and he is the last one. He knows so much and has so much faith. Hearing his testimony and his wife’s was really great. The spirit at the baptism was so strong. I am so grateful I could see pieces of this huge miracle in his life. He is truly a changed man because of the gospel, the epitome of how the gospel is supposed to work in our lives. The gospel is intended to change us so that we can become more like Christ, so that we can become perfect and inherit eternal joy. So wonderful to see.
I have a bunch of pictures to send, but we’re at a shop where I don’t trust putting my card into the computer…I don’t want it to get a virus. hopefully next week I can send pictures. Haha especially of the birthday parties. with birthday parties here in the Philippines, it’s go big or go home. No matter if it’s your kids who are turning 2, or you’re turning 56, the whole of everyone is invited and there is always spaghetti. Birthdays are a huuuuuge deal here, it’s hilarious.
One day we were walking across a field to an investigator’s house. It was muddy, and Sis Solis was trying to figure out a path around the really wet parts. I said, hey, there’s a cow coming toward you. (well, there was, just really slowly.) She got scared and suddenly leaped across the huge muddy part and screamed. hehehe. Super funny when she realized the cow was still far away.
We had another great lesson with the Narisma family, and this time the dad was there, too. I hope they come to church next sunday!  They are wonderful.
I’ve been continuing to learn so much each day here in the mission field. I’m learning better how to follow the promptings of the Spirit and feel the Lord actively working in my life each day. It is a wonderful thing to experience. I am so grateful for all I am learning. I know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love each of us so much! Never forget that. I know the gospel is true, and that God’s promises are real. I know the gospel is the only way we can truly find the happiness we are seeking, notwithstanding the trials that come into our lives. Living the gospel brings light, love, hope, and strength. It is the power to make the world a beautiful place.
I love you all! Ingat kayo lahat, ha?
Sister Carr
It’s true, Dad, what you were taught from the PMG lesson. no matter if it’s an objection, a concern, a question, or you’re just trying to teach, you just have to pray that when you open your mouth you’ll have something to say. I guess I always kind of thought that the Spirit would tell you like…in the moment before what to say, but really, it happens in the exact moment you open your mouth and start to speak. most of the time I feel like I can’t think of anything at all to say, but somehow I can open my mouth and say something anyway, if I don’t let the fear of having nothing to say be bigger than my faith that the Spirit will tell me. If I start feeling  a little bit of panic like, ah, I don’t know what to say, and then just pray to have the Spirit, the fear goes away, and I can talk. If I keep thinking, ah, I don’t know what to say, then I really have no idea what to say. The Spirit has to do the work, because I’m just a 19 year old girl who doesn’t really know how to do missionary work, even after 6 months, and can only kind of speak the language, just trying to do the best I can. if the Spirit doesn’t do the work, there’s no way missionary work would ever be successful.
Haha, it has rained every day this week, and everyone here is FREEZING. people keep walking around in heavy coats and huge sweaters, telling me not to take my shoes off in their house because of how cold the floor is, telling me to wear a jacket…
it’s probably like 70 degrees here. I think it feels awesome, haha.
I love you all so much!
til next week!
Sister Carr

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