ang bastos na higad. (the rude caterpillar.)

kamusta kayong lahat! happy transfer week!!

This morning I found out that I will be transferred on wednesday! I will finally be heading to my second area. I’ve already been in Tugue for 4 cycles. ang bilis ang panahon. well, I won’t know where I’m transferring to until wednesday morning, but I do know I will be leaving my area. I will miss many of the people here that I have grown to love so much, but I also have felt really excited and at peace and know that I am going to the place Heavenly Father wants me to be. Baka next week’s email will be much more exciting! ๐Ÿ™‚
This week waaaas…weird, to say the least, haha.
Tuesday was pretty good. I don’t really remember what we did on Tuesday, but I think we contacted some new people and had a full day.
Wednesday was soo greeeeat!!!! We went to Cauayan so I could help write the new mission song.ย when we got to Cauayan, we stopped at chowking for lunch before we went to the mission home, and guess who we ran into?! Sis T and Sis Wilkins!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ haha that probably doesn’t mean anything to you, but it was one of the greatest moments for me. they were there for the career workshop, since they leave to go home tomorrow! we got to eat lunch together, and it was so great to see them again before they leave. ย my companion went on splits with my nanay, Sis Barril, in Cauayan ๐Ÿ™‚ I stayed in the mission home with 9 other missionaries and we worked on writing the lyrics to the song. President and Sister Rahlf had found the music they liked for it, and we liked it, too. President also wrote the chorus. So as a group, we picked three topics for each of the verses, and then split into three groups to work on the verses separately. It took all afternoon, but when we put it all together at the end, it was wonderful. The Spirit was so strong. it was an amazing experience being able to help, because as we worked on it, we just got to get into really deep gospel discussion as we tried to write lyrics that would contribute to the Spirit of the song. I am so grateful I was able to be a part of that.
One of my favorite concepts that my group talked about was the Hastening. somewhere in our conversation, we started to understand a deeper idea–that it’s not just ‘the hastening,’ but that all of us involved with it are ‘hastening towards Zion.’ that’s the goal of the hastening, really– to prepare as many as people as possible to come with us to Zion. Zion is one of my favorite concepts to think about. It’s incredibly motivating. But Zion is more than just a concept. It is a very real place that we are hastening toward right now. I’ve watched 17 Miracles and Ephraim’s Rescue tons of times on my mission, and they never get old. Their enthusiasm and desire to reach Zion strengthens mine, because just like them, we are going to Zion, too. And Christ will be there. That’s where we are heading, and knowing that gives a lot more purpose to our role as members in bringing others to a knowledge of the Gospel, whether we are full-time missionaries or not.
The rest of the week was pretty difficult for me. The feeling of the days was pretty weird all-around, and we had some hard lessons. Some of our investigators had kind of started to progress–gathering interest, reading the pamphlet. But then they got really hung up on some things, mostly because they believe that faith is all you need to be saved, that it doesn’t matter what church you belong to as long as you have faith, etc. So those lessons were really difficult because they have soooo many questions, and don’t give you enough time to answer. The direction we decided to take both those lessons was the Book of Mormon. We just kept emphasizing over and over that if they would read and pray about the Book of Mormon, they would find answers to their questions and concerns, whether their concerns were about Joseph Smith, the Priesthood, a true church–the Book of Mormon would answer those questions. Then, like Sister Cristal Burgoyne said some time ago, ‘let God do the convincing.” I know if they read and ask, He will do the convincing. If they don’t, then they’ll just continue to be confused. So I hope they really read it so that they can continue to progress, because we love them all so much and really want them and their families to have these wonderful blessings of the gospel and the restored church.
in other news, we were leaving a lesson with the Tamayaos on Friday and I felt something crawling on my neck. I thought it was a mosquito, so I smacked at it, but then quickly realized it wasn’t a mosquito. I grabbed it and threw it on the ground, and discovered it was some sort of caterpillar. Shortly afterward, my whole neck was suuuuper itchy. The next day, it was still incredibly itchy and I had really bad rashes all over my neck. Yesterday, still itchy and the rashes were just spreading toward my face, down my back, onto my arms. Sweet. Today they aren’t as bad. Sis Diola told me it should last about three days and then go away.
Well, this week will be full of new adventures, and I’m excited for some change! Haha, I will miss my heated shower. ๐Ÿ˜‰
I love you all!
Sister Carr

Sister T, me, and Sister Wilkins at the mission home! :)

Sister T, me, and Sister Wilkins at the mission home! ๐Ÿ™‚

 The super, super cute kids that live by the Tamayaos who call us "Tita" (aunt)

The super, super cute kids that live by the Tamayaos who call us “Tita” (aunt)

New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve

There's a jungle in that bathroom.

There’s a jungle in that bathroom.


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