This week was great!


This week was great! haha I’m trying to figure out where to start, so I’ll just start and see where we end up.
mabalo taaru! ha, I learned how to say thank you so much in Ibanag. it’d be great to learn another language here, because everyone speaks more than one. On that note, though, yesterday I had an awesome experience with the gift of tongues! It was fast and testimony meeting, and I think I’m getting transferred next week, so I got up to bear my testimony. The whole couple of minutes I spoke, it was crazy, because the language has never felt so normal in my mouth before! Usually it feels clumsy and awkward, at least a little, but yesterday I could just talk and talk and say whatever I wanted and hardly had to think about it. It was an amazing feeling and I was just blown away. I’ve been working extra hard on my language this week, and have been really trying to speak almost all tagalog all day. I’ve been learning a lot, and it’s really helped me to progress.
New Year’s Eve was a party!….haha, well, we were just on lockdown in our apartment. at 6pm we were inside our apartment, and we just kinda hung out, cleaned up, and ate cookies and watched 17 Miracles. people do fireworks here like crazy (paputok–firework) and the smoke from them was so thick outside we could hardly see our neighbors’ houses. they were doing fireworks for about 3 hours straight before midnight. I have no idea how people have so many. people are still doing fireworks every day, but just here and there.
Our apartment was inspected the other day by a senior couple, Elder and Sister Mills. they came and after they inspected, shared a wonderful message with us from Omni, verse 26. the Spirit was really strong and I was so grateful that they had come and shared that with us. I really encourage you all to read that verse and then ponder about what more you can give to the Lord, what more you can work on or change, in order to more fully give your whole soul to the Lord. I know that doing so is the only way to be truly strong, at peace, and happy.
Our area has been pretty dead since I became a trainer. we kind of finished up the ‘harvest’ from our first two transfers here, and then it died. we’ve had almost no investigators, and no progressing, for about 10 weeks. We’ve been working really hard and improving ourselves and doing all we can to find investigators, and this past week, we found so many new people. I know if I get transferred next week that Sis Solis will have many people to teach, and many progressing investigators. I really learned that when we keep being diligent through the hard times, keep seeking the Lord’s comfort and help, give all we can give and don’t get discouraged, the Lord really blesses us. Reporting yesterday at Ward Correlation Meeting felt so wonderful, because for the past few weeks we’ve had nothing really to report, but this week we were able to report so many results. I know it’s not just the results of one good week, but the result of 10 diligent weeks. It feels really good, and I went to bed really full of gratitude last night. It definitely related to that lesson you had in young men’s, Dad.
We had a dinner appointment on saturday with a wonderful family in our ward, and they took us to this suuuper nice restaurant! haha it was really good, but it felt weird being in such a fancy place.
I also had a brownie(the blonde kind)  this week for the first time since the MTC. like, a legit, oven-baked blondie, with lots of dark chocolate on it. ohhhh man. it was sooooo good! haha we don’t get baked goods like that often because nobody really has an oven, but one of our new investigators gave it to us yesterday and man, it was super fantastic, haha.
this week will be super great! Sis Rahlf asked if I wanted to help write the new mission song! so I will be going to Cauayan on wednesday to do that. I’m really excited. We will also have many lessons and people to meet with. hopefully we will have many progressing investigators by next week. I’m really excited about it!
time is flying by! more than 200 days na ako dito sa mission.
I love you all! the Lord loves you so much, and He wants you to succeed. No matter what, if you are diligent in a worthy cause, in time, He will bless you with success–maybe not the way you expect, but success nonetheless.
ingat kayo!
love always,
Sister Carr
We went to a birthday party for someone's one year old. What I'm holding is traditional birthday party food. A hotdog skewered between two marshmallows. We also had spaghetti with pineapple in it.

We went to a birthday party for someone’s one year old. What I’m holding is traditional birthday party food. A hotdog skewered between two marshmallows. We also had spaghetti with pineapple in it.


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