miracles. (mga himala). (milagros…they use that, too)

ang GANDA talaga yung week na ito! grabe naman, ang mga himala na nakita namin sa linggo na ito ay sobrang malaki.

aka, best week yet.
We set some weekly goals last week we thought would help us stretch, and we surpassed every single goal! We worked a lot this week trying to improve our diligence and obedience, and we have just seen so many miracles. One of the biggest–this week, one of our recent converts, Jenick, brought a friend with him to our lesson (we also teach two of his other relatives, Joshua and Jerico(yeah, ironic, I know), and two other less-active relatives, Neil and Mark. they are all between 13 and 16 years old, and hilarious.) and they said, “This is Wally. He wants to change his life.” so we testified that we could help him do that, and we started teaching him. We taught him to pray the other day, and then he gave one of the most sincere, best prayers I’ve ever heard about how he wanted to change his life and become a good person and become a Mormon. He has a baptismal date for the end of February.
Let’s just say we’re still extremely excited about Wally.
Another miracle from this week: we finished our personal and companion study Sunday afternoon, and we were really sleepy. But we had a goal to get 9 finding efforts so that we could surpass our goal, and we knew if we stayed in for even a little longer we would probably not reach our goal. So we went out, we taught a lesson, and then we decided to go drop off a Book of Mormon with a less-active (hers got ruined in a bagyo) who lives at the edge of our area. We walked all the way over there, dropped it off, and then we were walking back to the main road and there was a family outside their house. The little boy was just running around, and we’d waved at him the other day, so we waved again and said hi. Then we asked him what his name was, and started talking to the parents, when suddenly they invited us inside! We went inside and talked to them for a little bit, and then they asked what we do. We testified of who we are as missionaries and asked if we could share a message. We shared a Book of Mormon verse from Alma about Christ and tried to HTBT the best we could and help them feel the spirit. they were really paying attention, and they said we could come back and teach them again. I am really excited to return, and so yesterday, not only did we reach our finding effort goal, but we found a family to teach! 
my companion is hilarious, and we love working together every day. we go running almost every day and we’ve just been enjoying missionary work so much. every time it is time to go out and work, I get excited and by the end of the day I am exhausted, but feel good about what we have done. We still have a lot to do here, and I know the next few weeks will be really great.
on Friday morning, Pres and Sis Rahlf called, and just wanted to take the Ilagan sisters out to lunch. so the for of us got to go out to lunch with them, and it was so great! I love the Rahlfs and I am so grateful for all they do. We have Zone conference tomorrow and I’m really stoked about that.
This week we had over 40 finding efforts, which is something I never thought I’d be able to do because it used to be so hard for me to talk to people, but the Spirit has helped me so much and I can make conversation with almost anyone now. I know I”m not completely fluent yet, there is still a lot more I need to learn, but I hope I can just continue to learn and progress so that by the time I come home I can be really fluent. I”ve made a lot of progress for just 6 months here, though, and I’m really grateful for that.
I learned a lot this week about hard work and how I can apply those principles more fully to my life, as well as about how the Lord leads and teaches us piece by piece. Sometimes I get frustrated when I can’t see how all the pieces fit together, but then I learn over again that the Lord has more wisdom than me, knowing that a puzzle isn’t built all at once by smashing all the pieces together, but piece by piece, portion by portion, until it all comes together. He expects us to study, search, counsel with Him, exercise faith, and be diligent as He guides us step by step to a much greater future than we could have had without His guidance.
Dreamers can only get so far before they need to become Doers. 
and Doers get a whole lot further when they ‘diligently do,’ or put their whole heart into the work of the Lord. the amazing thing is, even our school and things like that can further the work of the Lord (He gives us talents for a reason) and when we seek His guidance as we diligently do our best, He expands our abilities and potential. or as they said in relief society this week, “kailangan natin ilabas yung potential natin.” we need to release, or get our potential out of us. just like in physics, potential energy is useless until it’s converted into kinetic energy. once we start doing something with our potential, God can really do miracles with it!
I love you all!
Sister Carr

You wouldn't believe how excited Sis Jensen and I got over that American mac and cheese. pretty much the greatest lunch. I never realized how I took that food for granted, haha. oh, and the sour patch was the greatest. AGYAMAN! :)

You wouldn’t believe how excited Sis Jensen and I got over that American mac and cheese. pretty much the greatest lunch. I never realized how I took that food for granted, haha. oh, and the sour patch was the greatest. AGYAMAN! 🙂


the gorilla picture..it was just like that in someone's house and I thought it was hilarious so I took a picture.

the gorilla picture..it was just like that in someone’s house and I thought it was hilarious so I took a picture.


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