ang pilipinas!

ui! kumusta kayo, ha? 🙂

I am doing much better this week! I asked for a blessing from my district leader on tuesday morning at district meeting and it was so miraculous how quickly it worked. I was able to go out and work that night and for the rest of the week! I’m so glad I could be healthy enough to work, because I hate sitting in the house.
It’s getting HOT here! It’s almost summer. the hottest time is march-april, sometimes may. The temperature has shot up in the past few weeks, from pretty nice outside/we thought we were freezing at night wearing sweaters and sleeping with our sheets to getting home and turning the electric fans on ASAP (but if you want to be filipino, you say ‘opening’ the fans instead of turning on) and leaving them on for as long as you’re in the house. people do this thing here that I love, which is carrying around handkerchiefs everywhere so you can wipe the sweat off your face. I carry around a handkerchief aaaall the time when it’s hot and it’s really great. 
I can’t remember a whole lot of what happened last week. We worked..we taught lessons..did a lot of walking…buhay ng missionary, haha. but it was good. 
That being said, I want to tell you some more about things here in the Philippines!
Our area here is a lot smaller than my last one in Tugue. that means we don’t have to take trycies anywhere anymore. Instead, we take jeepneys when we go email or go to Northstar, which is the big mall here (and it’s waaay nice. I even rode on an escalator today!) Jeepneys are hilarious to me. I will have to send you a picture because I can’t even explain to you what it looks like. but everyone sits in there, and to pay, you say, “bayad po” and pass your money to the next person, who passes it on all the way up to the driver, who reaches back and takes your money, and while he’s driving/listening for people to say stop/…./driving in the Philippines (which is a whole thing in and of itself) he is looking for change and passing it back. so the whole ride is this sudden stop-go thing, speed up, slow down, maneuver around pedestrians and trycies with “bayad po” and “para po” every two minutes. 
Meanwhile, there is music blasting from the van terminals on the way back to centro and the traffic directors are just dancing in the middle of the road. 
In other news, finding spiders ranging from very small to the size of my hand, centipedes, worms, and cockroaches in our CR(bathroom) is completely normal. 
And of course, there are tons of lizards in our house. 
And also I haven’t seen a washing machine since the MTC.
We ate at some little restaurant by our house today and there were a bunch of cats in there for some reason just walking around and jumping on the tables and chairs.
And we almost got attacked by a dog again, haha.
Ilagan has been building new “welcome” signs for each barangay in the city. they look pretty good! haha and they’re always funny because it’ll have the name of the barangay on one side and then some greeting or salutation on the back of it, which is usually some weird combination of tagalog, ilokano, ibanag, and sometimes Spanish too, I am pretty sure. 
Someone’s house caught on fire the other day and it burned down three houses next to it. it was pretty sad, but nobody got hurt and they were able to put it out before it really spread. 
I’ve been reading the war chapters in the Book of Mormon. There is soooo much we can learn from the contrast between Moroni and Amalickiah about the way the Lord wants us to prepare ourselves against and protect ourselves from temptation and sin. if you can just keep that idea in mind while you read them, you will learn so much! the Lord is trying to fortify us against our enemies, spiritually, and He has given us great tools and examples to help us to do so!
Today I also studied about charity and the Atonement. I want to continue to grow my charity for the people here that I am serving, because I know it can be so much bigger. The better we understand the Atonement, the easier it is for us to develop true charity. When we have that charity for the people around us, it’s so much easier to be happy. We are more patient, forgiving, kind, understanding. I am so grateful that the Savior had perfect love for all of us, that despite temptations and trials and even the infinitely immense burden of our pains and our sins, He loved us enough to live a perfect life and complete the Atonement. I know because of that that we can all turn to Him and He is just waiting to help us change and grow and become happy. Jesus Christ is the only way to true happiness, and the only way to everlasting and eternal happiness with our Father in Heaven.
I love you all!
have a wonderful week!
ingat kayo!
Sister Carr

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