it’s your time to shine po!


Grabe naman, we are beginning week 5 of our cycle already, which means next week is transfer week again already. we are dreading it. I think one of us will be transferred, and I am going to miss Sister Jensen soooo much. She is a wonderful companion, and an amazing person, and I learn so much from her all the time! Even despite our many weaknesses with the language and culture, we’ve been able to see so many miracles and really enjoy the past few weeks. I’m so grateful we have been able to be companions, and we are going to make this week awesome. 🙂
This past week was pretty good! we went on splits with the Sister Training Leaders last Tuesday and Wednesday. It was kind of stressful getting out to Gamu. The STL’s gave us directions, but she tried to give them to us in English…which meant there was a miscommunication and we got off the jeepney in the wrong place, haha. So me and sis Jensen are just standing in the middle of the highway in the middle of the bukid (fields). then we had to get a trycie to go the rest of the way. it was an adventure. the splits were good, and I learned a lot from Sis Manguil. She is going home next week, and she is a really hardworking missionary, so it was a great learning opportunity for me. It was kinda different being with a Filipina again, but nice to not have that communication barrier there.
Valentine’s day! haha it was sooo great. we had weekly planning since it was Friday, and then we went to work. pretty much got punted for a while, and then we went to the ward family home evening. It was hilariouuuus. we had an opening song and lesson and things, and then they had games. funny games for the primary (all the primary there was our investigators) and then the youth, etc.. super funny. I really enjoyed it. we had some investigators come as well and they enjoyed it, too. this party is where the subject line of this email came from. they always have someone emcee these sorts of parties and it’s a riot. another thing here is when you play games, you go til you have a few losers, and make them do a punishment, usually a dance or song. so another one of my favorite quotes from the night was, “mga losers, up on the stage!” ha. taglish cracks me up. another person we met asked us why we were “evangelizing” even though it was so hot. I think I like that word better than proselyting. 
In other news, my english is turning into taglish. sometimes I can’t believe the things I try to make into words, haha. it’s easy to make english words into tagalog–people do it all the time here–“winiwork-out,” “priniprovide,” “mag_(insert verb here)” “makapag__” . but when I reverse it, it gets weird. last week I tried to write “re-ulit-ed” (ulit means to repeat) in the area book, and this week I said, “Did he church last sunday?” and “some of my learnings…” oops. haha it’s getting kinda bad! 
This week I was doing language study, melting my brain trying to read the tagalog version of the Liahona, when I get to the last page and realize the article was written by Tiffany Starr’s mom!! haha! It was so great. I then tried my best to read her article, but it was in Tagalog and was really hard…but I’m pretty sure I got most of it 🙂 made my day, though!
We had a lot of first lessons yesterday with some referrals and some oym’s, so hopefully we will have more progressing investigators soon! we have been very blessed–especially as we do our best to work hard. I’m really grateful for the Lord’s tender mercies in this work.
This week I studied more about charity and the love of the Savior for each of us. I am grateful to know that He loves us perfectly and that through His love, we can become the people that our Heavenly Father designed us to become. I also had to give a spontaneous talk in sacrament meeting. I spoke on obedience because I’ve been studying the stripling warriors in my personal study. I know with all my heart that obedience brings BLESSINGS. the promise in Mosiah 2:41 is that we are blessed spiritually AND temporally through obedience. I knew as I spoke that whatever our needs are–temporal or spiritual–they can be met as we are obedient. the Lord takes care of us. obedience is so powerful and we can all do a little better each day. those blessings are rich, and the Lord wants to give them to us. 
I love you all!!
Sister Carr

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