jollibee…bukid….flower mountain!

ui! ‘musta kayo lahat a?

Ha, hope you read the subject of this email like the map from dora the explorer, because we went adventuring today!
We went to Santa Victoria today, walked through some caves (with a couple tight holes to crawl through), hiked to a waterfall through this jungle/bukid(rice field)/corn field/mountain place, and held a giaaaant python! (aren’t you proud of me?) it was super fun to just go somewhere beautiful and hike. my feet are still soaking wet from the river, but it was a blast. probably the first real activity I’ve had here in the last 7 months, so I thoroughly enjoyed this one.
The pressing news of the day is that transfer day is this week….and neither of us are being transferred!!!!!!! It doesn’t mean much to any of you, but I’m STOKED. I never expected Sis Jensen and I to have more than one cycle together, but I’m incredibly excited to work with her for six more weeks. the last six weeks were the fastest of my LIFE! Our housemates/wardmates, Sis Miller and Sis Osteniane,  aren’t being transferred either, so this cycle is going to be AWESOME. Sis Miller is my batch, so we will celebrate our halfway mark together in a few weeks! It’s also Sis Jensen’s birthday next week and so we’re all excited to still be together for that.
In terms of the work, we’ve been doing a lot to try to help this ward become part of “the hastening.” we’ve started to completely reform the coordination meetings with the ward missionaries, and I think it’s going to help everyone a lot. Everyone’s intentions are in the right place I think, but it’s just a matter of channeling everyone’s enthusiasm the same direction so that we can all be unified and work together.
We also got these new family history booklet things for the people here. they’ve started handing them out at church. they are really awesome. it’s even cooler because Sis Miller’s dad is one of the people involved with FamilySearch and he came up with the idea, and she got to see them passed out at church, which was really exciting for her. the people here have gotten really excited about family history recently, and especially the youth, as they are preparing to go to Manila for a temple trip in April. we are so blessed to have so many temples so close by.
This week we had a lesson where we were teaching a primary-aged girl named Nichole Kim, plus some of her cousins. Their grandpa is a solid member and so he is always in the lessons with us. Their grandpa was talking to them about something or other for like 5 minutes straight, when suddenly he starts singing, “In Our Lovely Deseret” in Tagalog. at first we were just a little surprised (although it’s not unusual for people to sing parts of songs…or whole songs…in their sacrament talks..) and then Nichole Kim, the little girl joined in, “mga bata umaawit…” and they sang the whole song together and just seemed so happy in that moment. it was really a sweet moment and now we’re trying to learn that song in Tagalog, too. 🙂
Ha, there was this other moment where Sis Jensen was trying to ask our 12-yr old investigator what she remembered from her reading about the pre-mortal life, but what she ended up asking was, “What do you remember from the pre-mortal life?” haaaa. the girl’s face was priceless as she was like, uhhh…nothing…ahahaha. then I had to reword the question and made sure she knew that none of us can remember the pre-mortal life. hahaha. the communication issues we have sometimes are really funny.
So things are going really well and we are enjoying the work. it isn’t easy, but we do our best and we see miracles every day. I love continuing to learn about the Atonement and about the plan that God has for us, and continuing to strengthen my testimony of the gospel, so that I can share it with more conviction to others. I know this is the Lord’s work! I know He loves us all so much.
Sis Carr
Tingnan nyo sa ahas! gaaah haha. mabigat siya eh! look at the snake! he's really heavy..

Tingnan nyo sa ahas! gaaah haha. mabigat siya eh!
look at the snake! he’s really heavy..



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