A lizard and a birthday cake


So this past week was interesting. We got punted all day yesterday and taught just one lesson. the other night we came home for dinner, and Sis Jensen opens the fridge door and SCREAMS. I run in and to my surprise, there is a lizard in our refrigerator. aweeesomee. So we take some stuff out of the fridge and flick it til it jumped out of the fridge and crawled up the wall. of course there was more screaming involved with that adventure, but it was definitely unusual! although I would be more than happy if I never found a reptile again in the fridge.
great news! our investigator, Joshua, passed his baptismal interview! he is 14, his brother Jenick was baptized in december, and will be able to baptize Joshua next week. He is so excited, and we’re so excited for him!
These crazy miracles happened this week. Friday night a bunch of our appointments fell through and we still had a half hour before we could go home for dinner, and we didn’t really know what to do. There is a street by our house where all the food vendors come out at night (they barbeque and fry like…chicken, hot dogs, pork, isaw (chicken intestines), all sorts of things. there’s always lots of people there, so we decided to go street contacting, even though we were both pretty nervous at the idea. we start going over there and we saw one of the less actives we have been teaching. we talked to him, and he introduced us to his sister. After that, Sis Jensen was buying some barbeque pork while trying to attempt to oym (talk to) the vendor, but the vendor wouldn’t even look at her. haha hate that. however, while she was doing that, I started talking to another vendor who was surprised to learn that I speak tagalog, and we oym’ed him and set an appointment with him for Saturday. Saturday comes, and we think he isn’t showing up, but we still had to be at the church for some other appointments, and to our surprise, a half hour late, he came! we taught him and it was really great, but we found out he lives in the elder’s area. his name is Mario. we invited him to church to the time of the elder’s ward so we could introduce him to them. Sunday came, and we waited and waited but had to go teach in relief society, but later we came out and were waiting to go to Sunday school, and he walked in right then! we took him upstairs to the chapel and introduced him to the elders. it was really cool, and we were sooooo excited.
Another of our investigators, Carmen, has a situation where she and her husband aren’t actually married because the guy has a first wife and family but isn’t divorced (because divorce doesn’t exist here). she’s been progressing really well, but we knew there would be an issue with the baptism. the AP’s said she could be baptized, just not go to the temple…but for us, that wasn’t good enough, because temple blessings are so important. so we taught them the Law of Chastity. Brother knows because he is a less active, endowed returned missionary. we suggested they talk to the bishop. they did! yesterday. they went and he said they would have to separate for her to be baptized and have to get things worked out so they could get married…it’s trippy. but we talked to her yesterday, and she understands so well how important temple blessings are and how important baptism is, and she wants so badly to really be clean when she is baptized…she is willing to be separated until they can get things to be worked out for them to be married. her faith is so strong and it was amazing to see that.
It’s Sister Jensen’s birthday today! Bro Lleva has a cake shop, and Sis Miller and Osteniane secretly ordered her a cake from them…with her face on it in fondant. seriously..so hilarious, haha. maybe it wouldn’t have been as funny if I didn’t have weird missionary humor, but we laughed really hard. we’re having a great time here in Ilagan 🙂
I love you all!
Sis Carr
Sis Jensen's awesome birthday cake

Sis Jensen’s awesome birthday cake

Me and baby Kim :) the bishop's daughter who is soooooo cuuuuuute!!!

Me and baby Kim 🙂 the bishop’s daughter who is soooooo cuuuuuute!!!


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