March 10



This week was pretty good! one of the best parts was Joshua’s baptism! He is 14 years old, and his brother Jenick was baptized just a few months ago. Jenick was able to baptize Joshua, and it was a really great experience! 🙂
We have three more baptisms coming up on Saturday, of Nichole Kim, Roselle, and Rose Marie. They are all 8 years old, the adorable granddaughters of one of our members. They are all really excited to be baptized. I think all their parents are less active, so hopefully we can teach their families as well.
We have another baptism on the 22! (march madness, anyone?) and it’s Carmen’s. Carmen is wonderful! We had this experience with her on sunday at church that was….really inspiring to me, I guess, because of her faith and her understanding of how important commandments are. a member from the other ward walked outside where we were sitting with Carmen, and I guess they are friends and they started talking. Carmen asked her friend where she was going, and the friend said to go buy some treats for the primary kids. We had just taught Carmen about keeping the Sabbath Day holy a few days before, and she said, “bawal iyan!” you can’t do that, that’s not allowed! and the lady made some excuses about how the primary kids were hungry, and Carmen continued to insist to her how important it was to keep the Sabbath Day holy, and the lady kind of awkwardly makes some more excuses, and Carmen asks her, “Who are you going to follow?” and the lady got quiet and then just made some more awkward excuses and went to buy the snacks. Carmen was so confused as to why anyone would go buy something when it is not in line with the commandment. I hope she continues to grow in her faith and dedication to the Lord. she is so excited to be baptized and to make that covenant with her Father in Heaven.
We had an AWESOME lesson with a less-active brother the other day. His daughter is preparing for a mission and was working with us, and all of our plans fell through. She said her dad was home and that we should go teach him. We got there, and he was trying everything to get out of us giving him a lesson. But we were able to start. We didn’t really know what to teach, but I found a scripture from my personal study a few days prior that I thought would be good. It was Helaman 8:14-15, which talked about Moses and the brazen serpent, and how all that looked to it might live, and then compared it to Christ, how He was lifted up on the cross, and that all who look to Him will live, “even unto life eternal.” We testified of the love Christ has for him, and how Christ just wants him to look to him and be healed, and receive life. the scripture really hit him, and he cried. He talked about how he knew he needed to change and when he prayed at the end, he prayed he could be committed to changing and becoming strong again in his faith. the Spirit was so strong, and his daughter’s many prayers were answered that night. It was a really special thing to be a part of. 
There are so many miracles around us each day. I know the Savior is there with open arms for all of us, if we will just look to Him. 
I love you!
Sis Carr
An excerpt from Amber’s letter to me:
We found out there is a dirt track here, and we ran on it today, and I got to run two whole miles uninterrupted and without people yelling things at us the whole time, and without all the weird smells everywhere, haha. it was so great. man, I haven’t really ran for a loooooooong time, though, so it was definitely the slowest two miles I ever ran, but it really felt good.
We’ve been cooking lots of vegetables because Sis Osteniane is really good at cooking and teaches us a lot of things. It’s super helpful, and way nice to eat vegetables all the time instead of all the other random stuff we were eating.
I can’t believe things are warming up again for you guys! haha it’s funny to hear about the seasons changing but never feeling or seeing it. time here pretty much feels like…it’s still the same as when I got here. it’s weird. but it’s nice to never be cold or have to wear a jacket or something as a missionary.
Us at the Lleva's for Sis Jensen's birthday last week. Super fun! :)

Us at the Lleva’s for Sis Jensen’s birthday last week. Super fun! 🙂

Joshua's baptism! :) Joshua and Jenick Manaligod :)

Joshua’s baptism! 🙂 Joshua and Jenick Manaligod 🙂

Weird well area behind our house. I've never looked down the well....I guess Sis Jensen's old companion looked down there and there are snakes and other creepy things down there, so....I just didn't want to look.

Weird well area behind our house. I’ve never looked down the well….I guess Sis Jensen’s old companion looked down there and there are snakes and other creepy things down there, so….I just didn’t want to look.

Filtered water vs. unfiltered water. We had to filter our water to do our laundry this morning in those buckets.

Filtered water vs. unfiltered water. We had to filter our water to do our laundry this morning in those buckets.


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