9 months!


Well, the big news this week is…this week Sis Miller and I will both reach our 9-month mark, our halfway mark! that is so crazy! time is going so quickly and I know we still have so much left to do. It’s cool having batch (someone who came in at the same time as you..people here use the word ‘batch’ for everything, including graduating classes) as a housemate (Sis Miller) especially for big…landmark? points in your mission. but after this week, we’ll be on the downhill slope! that is so insane!
This week, Nichole Kim, Roselle, and Rose Marie were baptized! they are so cute, and the baptism was awesome. President and Sister Rahlf even came to watch it! They were also confirmed on Sunday. It is always a relief when they get confirmed because it means it’s complete. then you can start working on all the recent convert stuff.
This week I got kinda sick for a bit there…I have to be more careful about not having the fan blow on my face during the night. Cold, wet air all night long is bad. It’s hard because it’s so HOT! so we didn’t quite work as much as we would’ve liked to this week, and we got punted a lot, but we still had a pretty good week.
We started teaching an English class, and that’s been really fun so far. We are also beginning to teach mission and temple prep in our ward.
Not a whole lot else really happened this week…oh, I sang in sacrament with Kaye Ann, one of the SA in our ward. Haha we had to tell people not to clap afterward. I don’t think musical numbers happen too often. But it was good!
We started doing our Book of Mormon reading challenge this week! 60-day challenge. we are already into 2nd Nephi. We are supposed to circle every reference to a name of Christ, and then in one color highlight all His words, and in another, anything that references His mission. I’m only 6 chapters into 2 Nephi, and I’ve circled over 1,000 references to Christ. The Book of Mormon truly testifies of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I have learned so much about Him already, and about the work of the Lord–the work of salvation! Also, so much about the last days and the Second Coming. I know all of it is real, and it is all true. My testimony is growing every day, and I know the gospel is the only way for us all to be really happy and truly free. The gospel liberates us from every form of captivity. Christ empowers us to become something wonderful. And Heavenly Father’s plan is perfect for each one of us. He tries to reach us and speak to us every day. Are we listening to Him? Do we see His hand in our lives? I know now more than ever before that if we open our ears and our eyes, we will see Christ in every aspect of our lives.
I love you all so much!
Sister Carr


Nichole Kim, Roselle, and Rose Marie

Nichole Kim, Roselle, and Rose Marie



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