pumuntang cauayan!

This week has been insane for us. We had the record worst KI’s, haha. Pretty sure we really only worked for a total of a whole day this entire week.
Tuesday we had district meeting, and then we had some troubles with finding a fellow shipper that somehow resulted in a loss of two hours. the problem was we had to have a fellow shipper or we couldn’t teach anyone we had planned. We went to the Daculugs, to visit brother, who is really sick with cancer, and just underwent round 2 of chemo. we shared a message with him and then we sang Nearer, My God to Thee for him. the Spirit was really sweet. My spirit has been deeply touched as we have met with Bro Daculug and we learn of the great faith that he has amidst this time of great adversity. he still attends church even though he is so weak and the air conditioning is rough on him. he is truly a man of great faith. it is so humbling, and so inspiring.
Wednesday, we went to Gamu for splits with the Sister Training Leaders again. I split with Sis Daelo and learned so much from her. she has such a great attitude and such a love for the people and for the gospel. She just radiates with the light of Christ.
Friday was the highlight of the week! We went to Cauayan for a special Sisters’ Training called “Women of God.” We learned so much about the value and importance of righteous, virtuous women, and of the great effect we have in all the lives of the people around us. We learned about the qualities of Women of God…it was just wonderful. I loved learning about that and being able to see where I want to improve and become better. I know that Heavenly Father loves His daughters so much….I am excited to watch the Women’s conference this week, which will just continue to add to what I’ve been thinking a lot about.
I discovered I got boils this week…sweet. they really hurt, and I could hardly even move my neck on Friday because it was so stiff…but I got some medicine and they’re kinda getting better now. Since they’re a type of staph infection, my body was super exhausted and working overtime, so I wasn’t able to work on Saturday and for a part of Sunday. hopefully I will be good to go this week since it is the last week of our cycle. next Monday we will find out who is being transferred!!! I can’t believe it’s transfers again already. I feel like I just told you that, but…that was 6 weeks ago already, ha.
I just want to testify that I know Jesus Christ is our Savior. I am so grateful for Him and all I am learning about Him. In our Book of Mormon study, we have just finished Mosiah now. Christ is everywhere in the Book of Mormon. I have felt so much of His love and just…the truthfulness of the gospel as I have read each day. I know it is true. Never lose sight of Him in your life…it is only when our lives our truly centered on Him that we find joy.
love always,
Sister Carr
PS also, we had chips and salsa and cafe rio style pork for lunch at the sisters training……………….greatest day ever!

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