Transfer week!


This week is transfer week already again!!! I swear we just did this, but somehow it’s been 6 weeks. Sis Jensen is being transferred!!!! I will miss her, but it is good for us to have a transfer. we need some new things to help us grow (and also in the language). I will be staying here in Ilagan for at least another 6 weeks. That’ll be good, I have a lot of ideas still for this ward, so hopefully me and sister Osteniane and our new companions can do a lot of good in the next month or so.
Last week was a little crazy, but good. we worked hard. We invited toooons of people to the women’s general conference. we showed up a half hour early and the church was still locked. we hurried and had to call a bunch of people and get it open…..well, long story short, the only people in the whole chapel were me, sis Jensen, sis Osteniane, sis Miller, our recent converts, and one girl from another ward. haha. But the conference was amazing! I don’t remember anything specific from it, just the feeling of peace and love that I felt while watching it.
It sounds like conference was amazing! I am excited to watch it this weekend. we have been making a huge push in our ward to get people to general conference for about a month now, so I am hopeful that we will have people at all the sessions. usually I think the culture here is to just come to the sunday morning session. the others are usually just missionaries and a few others. so we’ve been pushing really hard to get people to ALL the sessions and not just a couple. hopeful ako 🙂
I learned a lot this week in my Book of Mormon reading (we are halfway done with Alma now) about the importance of softening your heart. having a soft heart or hard heart is a choice. we choose what we want to harden our hearts against or if we will soften them. it doesn’t matter what miracles happen or how amazing the missionary is (like Ammon or Alma), if people choose to harden their hearts, they can’t feel the Spirit, and they won’t be converted. sometimes we choose to harden our hearts when we already have truth, and that is when we forget what we know and when we open the way for ourselves to be deceived. if we keep our hearts soft, full of love, kindness, and humility, we will be able to feel the Spirit and remember those experiences in our lives that testify of the truth. it is so important to not harden our hearts against Christ or against the gospel or the church, because we will forget what we know. and a hard heart is always at least a little selfish, prideful, quick to be offended. but as we strive for selflessness and humility and meekness, a soft heart follows and we become receptive to the truth.
I love you all!
remember always to doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith.
Sis Carr
The little kids we always get attacked by for high fives in camunatan. "magpapicture tayo!"

The little kids we always get attacked by for high fives in camunatan. “magpapicture tayo!”


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