Amazing Grace

Hello! It is still raging hot here, and I really hope it kinda cools down at least a little bit soon. Never been so sweaty (constantly dripping) in my life. Haha, yesterday was fast Sunday. Saturday afternoon, Sister Osteniane and I opened our fasts. We worked all day, and I knew I had sweated out all of my water by the time we came home that night. We both just tried to go to bed and sleep through the thirst. I tried sooo hard…and then caved. So, feeling a little guilty, I go out in the middle of the night to the fridge for my water. And then out walks Sister O and she says, “I can’t do it! I can’t sleep! I need water!!!” and we just laughed there in the dark in the kitchen and then drank a bunch of water and homemade gatorade, after which we were able to sleep just fine. We contacted some new investigators that we OYMed, and had some great introductory lessons with them. unfortunately, one of them is going abroad to work this Wednesday, so she will have to look for missionaries in the place she is going. I hope she does, though, because she was really receptive to our message. We have another one that we are also excited to go back and visit. We’re trying really hard to find new people to teach, and we are starting to slowly see some results. This week was hard in many ways, yet probably one of the most fulfilling of my mission so far. Not really because of any specific um…..happening? but rather because of what I’ve been learning, especially in my nightly accounting with my Father in Heaven. This week I really wanted to step it up more and try to give my all. I tried really hard in a lot of ways to do that. But because of that, I have learned so much about the Lord’s merciful and sustaining and perfecting grace. If I pray in the morning fervently that I can do my best and then go out and work, then when I come home at night, I can tell Heavenly Father all I tried to do, all my shortcomings and mistakes, and my successes, and then plead for the grace of Christ to perfect my imperfect efforts. And He does. And because He does, I feel more fully His strength throughout the day to do all He wants me to do. I know that no matter what, if we are doing our best, it means we really have a desire to become like Him, and we qualify ourselves to receive His grace. I have learned so much about Christ and His power this week, and I know He is always there, waiting to step in and help us, if we just allow Him to. Jesus is the Christ! He loves each of us so much, so perfectly, and so infinitely. I know that for myself.

Love always, Sister Carr


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