Transfer week agad!


kamusta kayo? This week is transfer week again! (agad….immediately. I thought we just did this.) But we went to the church earlier for a zone activity and the text came from the AP’s. I am staying here in ilagan and Sis Bien will be transferred! She was shocked because she has only been here for 6 weeks. The whole ward thought I was going to be transferred, but I told them I was probably staying here for a little longer. Truth be told, I already knew I would stay and she would go, because Pres Rahlf told me last week, so I’ve just been trying to keep it to myself haha. It’s kind of sad though, because Sister Bien’s longest stay in any area is 2 cycles lang. I mean just 2 cycles. This transfer she will move into her 6th area and she is only one cycle ahead of me in the mission. it’s so crazy! I am still in my second area and she will be in her 6th. she really wants to stay longer in an area, so hopefully she will get that wish in the next area. I will miss her! She has been such a great companion and I have learned so much from her.

This week was hard! all last week, the week before mother’s day, I felt like I was getting sick….super easily fatigued, my joints sometimes hurt…but I didn’t get sick until right after we Skyped last week. haha, it’s like my body just held out to make sure I could Skype and then after that I got bad really fast. I had a slight fever that night, but it never got bad. so I didn’t work Tuesday, and then only part of Wednesday. then we went on splits on Thursday til Friday. Friday was a partial day due to weekly planning, so was Saturday because of the baptism and Sunday because of church. But despite the short time, we had lots of miracles this week!
We’ve been teaching James, who has a baptismal date on May 31! He is so excited. he is 14 and his older brothers are members. in fact, he is so excited about learning the gospel that he invited three of his friends to listen, two more this week, Carlo and Angelo (they are also brothers) and they really want to be baptized, too. We’ve been having a hard time finding new investigators, but have been trying hard..I know that because we just kept trying our best, even though we couldn’t work a ton this week, we were still blessed. they are so prepared!
Jenny rose was baptized on Saturday! poor girl had chicken pox last week, too, but she was really happy to be baptized. Sister O, sister Vaelua, Sis Bien and I sang “I Know that My Redeemer Lives” at the baptism and it was really great. I know the Lord loves her so much and is so happy with her decision.
This week will be full of changes even though I am staying in ilagan. I am really excited though–opening a new chapter of my mission 🙂
I just want to share some thoughts from sacrament meeting yesterday. The speaker said, “hindi tayo nagnanganak para matalo….tayo ay nagnanganak para manalo.” or we weren’t born to lose, we were born to win. None of us came here without the potential to succeed. The Lord has provided a means for each of us to succeed and return to His presence. But it is still our choice if we do our best and endure to the end, or if we call it quits and stop following the plan He has laid for us. winners never quit, and quitters never win…” kailangan lang nating magtiis.” We just need to endure….faithfully. Enduring to the end is a huge part of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Though life is difficult and we face many difficulties, the Savior is always there to help encourage us to be faithful. I know if we do, we will be able to obtain all that our Father has…the whole reason He created His plan in the first place. He loves us! He has provided us with the means. We just need to choose to hang on and keep going. 🙂 He will help us.
I love you!
Sister Carr
Jenny Rose's baptism!

Jenny Rose’s baptism!

IMG_0155 IMG_0157 IMG_0161IMG_0135 IMG_0136

Having fun with flower headpieces.

Having fun with flower headpieces.



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