grabe yung pawis ko

Hello! I can’t believe it’s p-day again. so much stuff happened this week, and I’m so sweaty all the time I may as well have just gotten out of a pool(the members don’t believe I don’t sweat like this at home), but things are going well and we saw many miracles this week! 

I also hit my one-year mark this past week! I ate fish balls for lunch as a celebration. Yum 🙂
Sometimes the miracles that happen here are easy to notice, and sometimes they are the small things I almost miss. I am getting better though at recognizing the hand of the Lord in each day. We got 6 new investigators the other day! we had a miracle referral from a less-active, and we are really excited to teach them. They opened up to us really fast and we had an awesome first lesson with them. We were able to teach a few new people about the Restoration. And when we went to teach Marlon (one of our progressing investigators) it was pooouring rain, but his parents were there and we were able to teach them as well about the Plan of Salvation. 
Sometimes miracles are like that–random new investigators that come out of nowhere. Sometimes they’re like a person who actually sets an appointment with you to come back, or when you can actually find the referral the zone leaders texted you. (nobody here has exact addresses…you kinda just have to ask around a lot). 
Sometimes they’re like when you’re just stressed out, but the Lord gives you enough peace and strength to keep doing your best and to be happy.
Sometimes the miracles are finding the moments of absolute joy and cherishing them in the moment. I love those moments where I just love the people I am teaching and the lesson is great, and we’re all learning and feeling the Spirit. These people are really my friends, and I love them so much!
Speaking of which, next week is transfers (again). it came up so quick. so next week we’ll see if I”ll be a little longer here or if I’ll be heading to another place.
I went on splits yesterday with Sis. Love and MC, two of the SA in our ward. it was really fun to work with them–kind of a bummer because we spent most of the day walking around trying to contact referrals instead of teaching, but it is always nice to get to work with the members!
Last night we had dinner at the Noriega’s house. Kaye Ann’s mom just came home from Hong Kong (she works abroad). She made us SALAD!!!!! no joke, made my day. haven’t had salad since I left the MTC. 
I was soooo happy at church yesterday because tons of our less-active members came! and the meeting was so great! it’s amazing how happy you can be just from people coming to church.
I don’t really remember other specifics from this week…a drunk guy wouldn’t leave us alone the other day and he tried to keep up as we hurried away, so that was creepy and weird..but we got away 🙂
I just wanted to end with a story I heard in sacrament yesterday: 
There was a barber who was cutting a young boy’s hair. The barber says to the boy, “You know, I don’t believe in God.” 
the boy says, “why?”
He says, “because look around–all these people have these horrible problems and so many bad things are always happening. If God was real, wouldn’t He be helping them?” The boy said, “There are so many people around us, and all of them have hair. How come you aren’t cutting their hair?”
the barber says, “Well, because they don’t come to my shop to have their hair done. How can I cut their hair if they don’t want it done?”
The boy says, “How can God help any of us if we don’t want it and we don’t go to Him for help?”
I know that we have a loving Heavenly Father who so badly wants to help us along in our journeys and in our lives that can be so hard sometimes. But we have agency, and He cannot force His help upon us, however much He wants to help us. We need to take steps toward Him first, and I know His help will follow. I know that prayer is real and that when we truly learn to pray, we can feel His presence all around us. He will never forsake us–but we must not forsake Him.
I love you all!!
Sister Carr

pday na naman

Hello! It’s been another crazy week–sounds like it has been as well for everyone at home. So much has been happening!

We went on splits twice this week, once with Sis Watson and Sis Vaelua, and once with single adults from our ward. Splits are awesome and really help move the work along! We had 46 lessons this week and are starting to see a lot of success! We’ve been out in Sto. Tomas a lot this week, a barangay that we just picked up from the other ilagan sisters when we re-split the area. I think we’ll start seeing a lot of miracles happen there.
We had regional conference this week! It was way different than regional conference at home. There was supposed to be a Saturday session or something but somehow only some of the stakes did it…our whole zone traveled to the stake center (some traveled for like 2 hours) only to find that our stake was one that was not holding an afternoon session. But the next day we had a broadcast from Salt Lake, and Sister McConkie from the YW presidency, Elder Teh (Filipino) from the 70, and Elder Cook of the 12 spoke. Great messages. It was so great to have a Sunday where we could hear from our leaders. the stake president also opened the meeting with a great talk on faith.
Elder Cook’s talk was awesome. He focused on the importance of our choices and of our conversion. He referred to the talk by Elder Oaks on good, better, best. We can spend our whole lives making good decisions and being good people, and we’ll get good results. but if we spend our lives making the best decisions and being the best people we can be, we will get the best results. He also reminded us that we cannot live on borrowed light. Borrowed light never lasts, and if we really are to be strong in our faith, we have to find that light on our own. It’s not easy. Actually, it’s hard. But it’s worth it.
I finished the Book of Mormon again today. I have learned something I saw over and over, and wrote it down a few months ago–the importance of having a soft heart. When we are humble and our hearts our soft, the Spirit can teach us eternal truth. when they aren’t, we’re blocking that connection and there’s no way we can ever know those things. When we are humble and our hearts are soft, we can see the needs of others and truly serve them. we can truly love the people around us. We can live for more than just for ourselves–and I know that is the best way to live life–being in the service of others. It’s our choice whether we will soften our heart or not. God will give us reminders of things we already know, of things He has already taught us. But we’ll miss it if we harden our hearts…and hard hearts always lead to a life filled with anger, frustration, and dissatisfaction.
I know the Lord Jesus Christ lives and He loves us. I reflected this morning on the mercies in my life that I know have come from God–they are too many to begin to count. I know He lives, and He is real.
love you all!
love always,
Sister Carr
Pictures with the Buscayno family! (slash Soriano family) (and whoever else lives in that compound and was in the lesson)

Pictures with the Buscayno family! (slash Soriano family) (and whoever else lives in that compound and was in the lesson)


Me and Mosiah (not sure on the spelling of her name...pretty sure that's it though)

Me and Mosiah (not sure on the spelling of her name…pretty sure that’s it though)

Lunch at Sis Bulan's panciteria after community service :)

Lunch at Sis Bulan’s panciteria after community service 🙂

Pictures with the Maramags before Sis Bien left :)

Pictures with the Maramags before Sis Bien left 🙂


me and sister maestrado :) she will go home in a couple weeks!

me and sister maestrado 🙂 she will go home in a couple weeks!

Sister Calisaan and I eating isaw! mmm :) masarap!

Sister Calisaan and I eating isaw! mmm 🙂 masarap!

us with Elder Jun-Jun Cabaccan the day before he headed to Manila for the mtc!

us with Elder Jun-Jun Cabaccan the day before he headed to Manila for the mtc!

Sister Calisaan and I at MLC:)

Sister Calisaan and I at MLC:)

me, Sister Carbaquil, and Sister Alicando at MLC!

me, Sister Carbaquil, and Sister Alicando at MLC!

Sister Miller...I was really happy to see her at MLC :)

Sister Miller…I was really happy to see her at MLC 🙂

Kaye Ann at the bomba! most people get water from pumps like this.

Kaye Ann at the bomba! most people get water from pumps like this.

James' Baptism! :)

James’ Baptism! 🙂

me and Sister Miller (BATCH)

me and Sister Miller (BATCH)


sulong pa!

kamusta mga kabsat!

This week has been insane! absolutely packed.
Miracle story!
Last Monday we were traveling on a jeepney to go email after we went to Northstar. Across from us was a young couple and their baby. We started talking to them and asked if we could come visit them, since miraculously they lived in our area. We went to find them on Saturday morning. They were gone when we first got there, but arrived shortly after us. We were able to teach them a first lesson. We tied all the HTBT points into the importance of family and how the gospel blesses families. the Spirit was really strong. We extended the invitation to be baptized. At first they were hesitant. the Sister asked, “You mean, change religions?” and we assured her that it was an important decision that we wouldn’t force her to make, but that she needed to pray and receive confirmation from the Lord about it…but yes, that it would mean changing religions. The miracle was–they accepted it! Even when they knew it meant changing religions. I then understood why we are encouraged to extend baptism in the first lesson–they really do know why we’re there, and we know they will be more serious about it and not just be listening to nice messages. We have a schedule to go back with them on Wednesday. I’m so excited and we were so happy walking out of that lesson, and we are so excited for the potential that this family has!
Jefferson was baptized on Saturday! He was so ready, and I am so excited for him. He already has a goal to go on a mission! 
Last week we went to Mission Leadership Council! (MLC), the meeting for all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders. it was such a great meeting! I love learning from Pres and Sister Rahlf. They taught about learning to qualify for, recognize, and follow the Spirit. the biggest thing I learned was that the Spirit really is the still, small voice–if our minds or hearts are too crowded, we won’t hear Him. We must make space for Him, give place to Him, give Him space to work and teach us, not just squeeze him in the corner somewhere in our mind. The Spirit teaches us to discern light–and really, Light–the Light of Christ. As we move towards the Light (Christ), it “grows brighter and brighter until the perfect day.” 
On Thursday we went on splits with Sis Matautia and Sis Borja. Sister Borja is brand new and has only been on her mission for a couple weeks! But I loved working with Sis Matautia. it was our first split–but it went well, and I really enjoyed it.
Saturday was Jefferson’s baptism, and after that we had to help out at a funeral service thing for a member’s dad. That was good, too. I remembered again looking at the man in the casket how that couldn’t possibly be the person that he was when he was alive…just his body. It really testified to me again of the reality of that eternal part of us–our spirits.
Sunday was super crazy, but we were asked by Pres Rahlf to go visit a sister who came home early from her mission on medical release and will be doing a test trial for a couple cycles in our mission to see if she can return to Iloilo. It was such a great visit and I am really excited for her to serve again 🙂
I just wanted to share another thing I learned this week. We were scripture reading in the Book of Mormon with a less-active. We read about Lehi and how the Lord told him to leave Jerusalem. Lehi obeyed, and sacrificed all he had to follow the Lord. What I realized was that if Lehi didn’t have that great trust in the Lord, he could have easily have just stayed and been destroyed with everyone else… he had to trust that the Lord would guide them and that they would be taken care of in the wilderness. He had no idea where they were going or how they would survive…they just left. So for us…maybe those things that we are unwilling to sacrifice, or those things we try to avoid having to sacrifice, are the things that will eventually lead us to being miserable. If Lehi didn’t sacrifice those things, he and his family would have died. But those sacrifices were made up…his future was in the Lord’s hands, and he knew it. The Lord sees the end from the beginning…when He asks us to sacrifice something, maybe instead of asking why, we need to remember that perhaps He is protecting us from dangers we are unaware of.
I love you all!
Sister Carr

James and Jefferson!

kamusta kayo! ok naman ako dito! masaya pa rin bilang misyonero o! mainit pa rin, pero ok lang. sana masaya rin kayo. 🙂

hello! last week went so quickly. this week will be very busy for Sis Calisaan and I, and so no doubt it will fly by as well.
James was baptized this week! He was so excited. We are so excited for him as well. Jefferson passed his interview and will be baptized next week. I am even more excited for him because he has already made so many change in his life. he is so much more happy now than he used to be, and you can see in his face that he is stronger, more confident, and happy with the direction his life is going. 😀
Well, we went to Cauayan last Wednesday for New Leaders’ Training with Pres and Sis Rahlf. It was so great! We learned a lot about Christlike leadership and about accountability. I am really excited for this opportunity to be a leader in Ilagan. We will be conducting our first exchange later this week, and we are hoping that it will go well and be a good experience for the Alinguigan sisters.
We’ve been talking to people like crazy–we’re getting desperate for new investigators. We’ve found some new potential ones, though, and we will return this week to teach again. I know we can find those who are ready to receive the gospel. We’re especially trying to find a family to teach. It’s really hard to find whole families here that are ready to accept the gospel and are eligible for baptism and then who are also eligible to progress all the way to a temple sealing…but I know we can find one, and that is our goal this cycle. We are doing all we can to find them! Sis Calisaan is really helpful in motivating me to talk to everyone, mostly just by her example. When I see her boldness in speaking to them, it is easier for me to do it. I am learning so much from her, and I’m so blessed to have her as my companion right now.
She is also hysterical. 🙂 hahaha. and she looooves bananaQ. we’re enjoying our time, and working hard.
A young man in our ward leaves on his mission this week! Jun-jun Cabaccan. He will do so great. He is a convert of only a few years, but he is solid in his desire to serve and in his testimony. I’m so excited for him. he is going to do great things. and I love the faith of his mother–she is also a convert of only a few years, and junjun is the oldest one at home right now, and so she is sad to see him go, but she knows it is right and so she is willing to support him. what great faith!
This week I studied about faith. I learned so much! Today I read in James 1–

22 But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.

 23 For if any be hearer of the word, and not doer, he is like unto man beholding his natural face in glass:

 24 For he beholdeth himself, and goeth his way, and straightway forgetteth what manner of man he was.

 25 But whoso looketh into the perfect law of libertyand continueth therein, he being not forgetful hearer, but doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed.

and in James 2–
17 Even so faithif it hath not worksis dead, being alone.
22 Seest thou how faith wrought with his works, and by workswas faith made perfect?
I know that our faith is made perfect in our works. Acting on our faith grows it and allows it to be purified and perfected. When we stop acting, or we get lazy, our faith shrinks, doubt comes in, and it is easy to deny what we once knew was true or rationalize disobedience to the commandments. But when we act, we receive blessings, we receive witnesses of truth to our hearts, which are powerful and undeniable. Action is what fans the flame of our faith and keeps it from dying–because we have to trust the Lord enough to do what He asks us to do. Then when we act, it grows, and we can continue to act.
Faith in Jesus Christ is real, and it is powerful. But it is our choice whether we want to experience His power or not in our lives. But I also know it is the most beautiful feeling, and the path to true happiness.
I love you all!
Sister Carr

masarap ang isaw!

malawagi! (mga kapatid, or brothers and sisters! in ibanag) 

I just learned the word “wagi” this week and I think it’s fantastic. ‘malawagi’ is just the plural version…anyways, that is your word for the week.
Your other word for the week is ‘isaw’–a popular filipino snack food, which happens to be skewered and barbequed chicken intestines, dipped in a spicy sauce. tried it for the first time this week…It’s actually reeeaally good! 
So my new companion is Sister Calisaan! We are batch arriving to the mission–but not leaving, because she was only in the MTC for a few days and so will go home in january. the surprise to us was that we are both brand new STL’s (Sister Training Leader), so neither of us have a clue what we’re doing. What the plan is is that Sister Watson is living in our house (Sister Vaelua’s new companion) and she was an STL before and stepped down now to train both of us. It will be an adventure, but so far life is just pretty normal, haha. Sister Calisaan is awesome, though, and hilarious. We’re gonna have a great cycle!
Before transfer day, our ward did CSP (community service project) at this elementary school. we cleaned up there and pulled lots of weeds. I was sweating like crazyyyyy. One of the youth in the ward was working near me, and he was like, “Sis, can I fetch water off your nose?” ha. it was that bad. But the CSP was fun, and we had pancit at Sis Bulan’s panciteria afterward.
Transfer day was Wednesday, and it was cool to see some of the missionaries I haven’t seen for several months. Some other sisters in my batch also became STL’s, so I’m excited to see them again this week when we go to Cauayan for a training.
Piesta is this week and I’m trying not to spend all my money on random things that I like. 
James will be baptized this week! We’re really excited for him. I love teaching youth and kids. They are incredibly receptive to the gospel and they are so humble, teachable, and full of faith. They just get it. And that really helps my faith to be stronger. I hope I can gain more childlike, trusting faith in my Father in Heaven. That has to be one of the reasons Christ asks us to become like a little child, just like in Mosiah 3:19. One of my favorite videos is this one– and really helps me understand my relationship with my Heavenly Father better.
I love you! have a great week!
Sister Carr