grabe yung pawis ko

Hello! I can’t believe it’s p-day again. so much stuff happened this week, and I’m so sweaty all the time I may as well have just gotten out of a pool(the members don’t believe I don’t sweat like this at home), but things are going well and we saw many miracles this week! 

I also hit my one-year mark this past week! I ate fish balls for lunch as a celebration. Yum 🙂
Sometimes the miracles that happen here are easy to notice, and sometimes they are the small things I almost miss. I am getting better though at recognizing the hand of the Lord in each day. We got 6 new investigators the other day! we had a miracle referral from a less-active, and we are really excited to teach them. They opened up to us really fast and we had an awesome first lesson with them. We were able to teach a few new people about the Restoration. And when we went to teach Marlon (one of our progressing investigators) it was pooouring rain, but his parents were there and we were able to teach them as well about the Plan of Salvation. 
Sometimes miracles are like that–random new investigators that come out of nowhere. Sometimes they’re like a person who actually sets an appointment with you to come back, or when you can actually find the referral the zone leaders texted you. (nobody here has exact addresses…you kinda just have to ask around a lot). 
Sometimes they’re like when you’re just stressed out, but the Lord gives you enough peace and strength to keep doing your best and to be happy.
Sometimes the miracles are finding the moments of absolute joy and cherishing them in the moment. I love those moments where I just love the people I am teaching and the lesson is great, and we’re all learning and feeling the Spirit. These people are really my friends, and I love them so much!
Speaking of which, next week is transfers (again). it came up so quick. so next week we’ll see if I”ll be a little longer here or if I’ll be heading to another place.
I went on splits yesterday with Sis. Love and MC, two of the SA in our ward. it was really fun to work with them–kind of a bummer because we spent most of the day walking around trying to contact referrals instead of teaching, but it is always nice to get to work with the members!
Last night we had dinner at the Noriega’s house. Kaye Ann’s mom just came home from Hong Kong (she works abroad). She made us SALAD!!!!! no joke, made my day. haven’t had salad since I left the MTC. 
I was soooo happy at church yesterday because tons of our less-active members came! and the meeting was so great! it’s amazing how happy you can be just from people coming to church.
I don’t really remember other specifics from this week…a drunk guy wouldn’t leave us alone the other day and he tried to keep up as we hurried away, so that was creepy and weird..but we got away 🙂
I just wanted to end with a story I heard in sacrament yesterday: 
There was a barber who was cutting a young boy’s hair. The barber says to the boy, “You know, I don’t believe in God.” 
the boy says, “why?”
He says, “because look around–all these people have these horrible problems and so many bad things are always happening. If God was real, wouldn’t He be helping them?” The boy said, “There are so many people around us, and all of them have hair. How come you aren’t cutting their hair?”
the barber says, “Well, because they don’t come to my shop to have their hair done. How can I cut their hair if they don’t want it done?”
The boy says, “How can God help any of us if we don’t want it and we don’t go to Him for help?”
I know that we have a loving Heavenly Father who so badly wants to help us along in our journeys and in our lives that can be so hard sometimes. But we have agency, and He cannot force His help upon us, however much He wants to help us. We need to take steps toward Him first, and I know His help will follow. I know that prayer is real and that when we truly learn to pray, we can feel His presence all around us. He will never forsake us–but we must not forsake Him.
I love you all!!
Sister Carr

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