masarap ang isaw!

malawagi! (mga kapatid, or brothers and sisters! in ibanag) 

I just learned the word “wagi” this week and I think it’s fantastic. ‘malawagi’ is just the plural version…anyways, that is your word for the week.
Your other word for the week is ‘isaw’–a popular filipino snack food, which happens to be skewered and barbequed chicken intestines, dipped in a spicy sauce. tried it for the first time this week…It’s actually reeeaally good! 
So my new companion is Sister Calisaan! We are batch arriving to the mission–but not leaving, because she was only in the MTC for a few days and so will go home in january. the surprise to us was that we are both brand new STL’s (Sister Training Leader), so neither of us have a clue what we’re doing. What the plan is is that Sister Watson is living in our house (Sister Vaelua’s new companion) and she was an STL before and stepped down now to train both of us. It will be an adventure, but so far life is just pretty normal, haha. Sister Calisaan is awesome, though, and hilarious. We’re gonna have a great cycle!
Before transfer day, our ward did CSP (community service project) at this elementary school. we cleaned up there and pulled lots of weeds. I was sweating like crazyyyyy. One of the youth in the ward was working near me, and he was like, “Sis, can I fetch water off your nose?” ha. it was that bad. But the CSP was fun, and we had pancit at Sis Bulan’s panciteria afterward.
Transfer day was Wednesday, and it was cool to see some of the missionaries I haven’t seen for several months. Some other sisters in my batch also became STL’s, so I’m excited to see them again this week when we go to Cauayan for a training.
Piesta is this week and I’m trying not to spend all my money on random things that I like. 
James will be baptized this week! We’re really excited for him. I love teaching youth and kids. They are incredibly receptive to the gospel and they are so humble, teachable, and full of faith. They just get it. And that really helps my faith to be stronger. I hope I can gain more childlike, trusting faith in my Father in Heaven. That has to be one of the reasons Christ asks us to become like a little child, just like in Mosiah 3:19. One of my favorite videos is this one– and really helps me understand my relationship with my Heavenly Father better.
I love you! have a great week!
Sister Carr

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