sulong pa!

kamusta mga kabsat!

This week has been insane! absolutely packed.
Miracle story!
Last Monday we were traveling on a jeepney to go email after we went to Northstar. Across from us was a young couple and their baby. We started talking to them and asked if we could come visit them, since miraculously they lived in our area. We went to find them on Saturday morning. They were gone when we first got there, but arrived shortly after us. We were able to teach them a first lesson. We tied all the HTBT points into the importance of family and how the gospel blesses families. the Spirit was really strong. We extended the invitation to be baptized. At first they were hesitant. the Sister asked, “You mean, change religions?” and we assured her that it was an important decision that we wouldn’t force her to make, but that she needed to pray and receive confirmation from the Lord about it…but yes, that it would mean changing religions. The miracle was–they accepted it! Even when they knew it meant changing religions. I then understood why we are encouraged to extend baptism in the first lesson–they really do know why we’re there, and we know they will be more serious about it and not just be listening to nice messages. We have a schedule to go back with them on Wednesday. I’m so excited and we were so happy walking out of that lesson, and we are so excited for the potential that this family has!
Jefferson was baptized on Saturday! He was so ready, and I am so excited for him. He already has a goal to go on a mission! 
Last week we went to Mission Leadership Council! (MLC), the meeting for all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders. it was such a great meeting! I love learning from Pres and Sister Rahlf. They taught about learning to qualify for, recognize, and follow the Spirit. the biggest thing I learned was that the Spirit really is the still, small voice–if our minds or hearts are too crowded, we won’t hear Him. We must make space for Him, give place to Him, give Him space to work and teach us, not just squeeze him in the corner somewhere in our mind. The Spirit teaches us to discern light–and really, Light–the Light of Christ. As we move towards the Light (Christ), it “grows brighter and brighter until the perfect day.” 
On Thursday we went on splits with Sis Matautia and Sis Borja. Sister Borja is brand new and has only been on her mission for a couple weeks! But I loved working with Sis Matautia. it was our first split–but it went well, and I really enjoyed it.
Saturday was Jefferson’s baptism, and after that we had to help out at a funeral service thing for a member’s dad. That was good, too. I remembered again looking at the man in the casket how that couldn’t possibly be the person that he was when he was alive…just his body. It really testified to me again of the reality of that eternal part of us–our spirits.
Sunday was super crazy, but we were asked by Pres Rahlf to go visit a sister who came home early from her mission on medical release and will be doing a test trial for a couple cycles in our mission to see if she can return to Iloilo. It was such a great visit and I am really excited for her to serve again 🙂
I just wanted to share another thing I learned this week. We were scripture reading in the Book of Mormon with a less-active. We read about Lehi and how the Lord told him to leave Jerusalem. Lehi obeyed, and sacrificed all he had to follow the Lord. What I realized was that if Lehi didn’t have that great trust in the Lord, he could have easily have just stayed and been destroyed with everyone else… he had to trust that the Lord would guide them and that they would be taken care of in the wilderness. He had no idea where they were going or how they would survive…they just left. So for us…maybe those things that we are unwilling to sacrifice, or those things we try to avoid having to sacrifice, are the things that will eventually lead us to being miserable. If Lehi didn’t sacrifice those things, he and his family would have died. But those sacrifices were made up…his future was in the Lord’s hands, and he knew it. The Lord sees the end from the beginning…when He asks us to sacrifice something, maybe instead of asking why, we need to remember that perhaps He is protecting us from dangers we are unaware of.
I love you all!
Sister Carr

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