gandang tanghali!

gandang tanghali!

we had a great past week. we went to cauayan for two days for STL training and we had such a great experience up there. We worked in Cauayan with Sister Alicando on wednesday since it was too far for us to go all the way back to Bambang just to come back up the next day.
we were able to discuss a lot of the problems and things going on in the mission with the other STLs and how we wanted to help fix them or make changes to be more effective as a mission. it was nice to be able to discuss our concerns and things we have noticed. it mostly goes down to our example as leaders. if we as leaders step up to a higher level, it will really help everyone else to step up also. Our mission has come so far in the past year and it is so amazing to see the changes and the resulting miracles. I know as we continue seeking that change and improvement, the Hastening of the Lord’s work will continue even long after the numbers of missionaries has decreased. we all have to go to a new level, and maintain that enthusiasm for spreading the gospel throughout all the earth. it is truly a joyous thing, although difficult. 🙂
we worked really hard this week, and we saw miracles as a result. we are still building up our area, so even though our numbers might not reflect what is going on, there is so much good happening in our area right now. it is good to have numbers for goals, but you could never see the work that goes behind all of them. I am grateful we are beginning to find new investigators and service opportunities. the work is moving forward! and our trust and coordination with the branch is improving. we are so blessed to be here in Almaguer. what a great branch.
I’m glad we dont have to go to cauayan this week…haha it’s always a great experience but man, nakakahilo talaga….it makes me dizzy.
The Almaguer B sisters, Sis Guttenbeil and Sis Hamblin, had a baptism on saturday. it was wonderful! Sis Alvia has had to make so many changes in her life, but her testimony is so strong. She said something in her testimony that has stuck with me–“kapag may mga tinutukso sa akin, naalala ko na hindi sila ang makakaligtas sa akin.” or pretty much, whenever there are people trying to tempt her, she remembers that they aren’t the ones who will save her. When we focus on Christ and remember who our Savior is and all He has done for us, we will not be deceived. We will be happy.
I studied Integrity this morning from a liahona from february 2013. it is a quality I really want to develop more fully. integrity is incorruptibility; not denying what you know to be true; standing firm for righteousness; virtue; being honest; being true at all times; holding strong in times of adversity; resisting, avoiding, or fleeing temptation; purity of heart. there are many other ways I could describe it, but it is such a powerful virtue. it can make us so firm and strong–but it is also delicate, as one slip-up could destroy our integrity, for example, if you lie, you hurt your reputation as being honest. it takes diligence to build and maintain integrity. it takes diligence to become like Christ. but it is all worth it. when we are obedient and sacrifice to become like Him, our lives will change and He will magnify us in His grace. His grace is real, and I am blessed to be a witness of it and to share that with everyone each day.
I love you!
mahal ko kayo!
Sister Carr
flashback to ilagan!

flashback to ilagan!

me and sister lasay! :)

me and sister lasay! 🙂

Almaguer Branch Sisters :)

Almaguer Branch Sisters 🙂

yep, I had a banana-nutella crepe. ang sarap!

yep, I had a banana-nutella crepe. ang sarap!

purok 6!

purok 6!

Me and Sister Maddock reunited after 9 months!!! (STL specialized training)

Me and Sister Maddock reunited after 9 months!!! (STL specialized training)

Elder Coronel and Elder Tietjen--our AP's!

Elder Coronel and Elder Tietjen–our AP’s!

Me and Sister Lasay :)

Me and Sister Lasay 🙂


bagong simula :)

hello everyone! I am really excited that it is a new cycle and a new start. We have a lot of work to do here in Almaguer, and I hope we can work better with the branch and find new people to teach.

my new companion is a new sister training leader, Sister Lasay! She is two cycles behind me, and I am starting to feel really old in the mission. There are no sister training leaders older than my batch. It’s really weird, haha. But I am so excited to be her companion, and she is such a great companion. She works hard and I know we will be able to do a lot here in the next few weeks!
I was in a tripanionship for a day while Sis Sumagpao was gone until Sis Lasay came on Wednesday. I am super excited too, because Sister Jensen and Sister Solis are in Solano now and I saw both of them today 🙂 and Sister Pace is in Bambang!!! yay 🙂
So we have had kind of a crazy week. Our CR (bathroom) broke the other day and was not usable….plumbing in our apt is not super great. so we had to overnight with the Bambang sisters, which was super fun 🙂 it’s fixed now, but we’re looking for a new apartment, haha.
We are really excited about a new referral we received this week from our recent converts, Bro and Sis Delacruz. They came with us to contact her, too, and we had a great lesson. Having the member missionary work really makes our work soooooooooo much easier! We just get to teach and teach people who are much more often prepared than just people we meet in the street.
We have been trying to talk to as many people as possible. We still have lots of improvements to make, but I am excited about the next few weeks. I want to work really hard.
This morning I studied Charity. I know that charity is the reason for all of this. To become like Heavenly Father, we have to learn to love with a perfect love. His Plan of Happiness was created out of charity, the Atonement was wrought by charity, and He asks us to develop it.
One of our greatest goals in life should be the pursuit of charity, of Christlike love. That is how we become happy, and how everyone around us becomes happy. I know I am far from perfect in terms of charity, but I hope to continue to pursue it throughout my life.
I love you all!
Keep being strong with all the changes going on.
“The future is as bright as your faith.”
Sister Carr

hospital+mission home=no companion

hello everyone!

it’s pretty safe to say that this has been the craziest week of my mission so far! I am currently emailing from the mission home, and I don’t have an official companion until Wednesday, transfer day, when I will be getting a new one. it’s really weird to be a lone missionary. haha it doesn’t feel right at all.

here’s what happened: (kind of like Monk…except Sis Sumagpao is still alive)

Last Monday she didn’t go to Banaue with us because she didn’t want to make her sickness worse. Tuesday, we were only able to teach a few lessons. The whole time, her headaches are coming back and her stomach pains are getting worse, despite the medication she was taking.

Wednesday we drove to Cauayan for MLC 🙂 but she had a really bad headache that day as well.

Thursday we had planned to go on splits with the Almaguer C sisters. We helped clean the church in the morning for service, and then the four of us went back to our apartment to prepare for splits. I knew she wasn’t doing well, and I asked if we should just cancel splits and take her back to the doctor. She wanted to work. But after a couple hours on the split, Sis Brown insisted that Sis Sumagpao could not work. We ended the split and went to the doctor, and he said if the regular medicine didn’t work she should be hospitalized for IV medication. So that night we went to the hospital. After we spent 2 nights there, we decided to relocate closer to the mission home…however upon arrival at the mission home they told us that she would instead be going to Manila to the Missionary Recovery Center so that she could get the best care and recover more quickly.

We spent all day yesterday and half of Saturday here at the mission home. It is great here. 🙂 haha. I took a hot shower for the first time in like a year (that I didn’t have to heat up the water first myself). But while everything here is great at the mission home, and I love being around Pres and Sis Rahlf, I am getting anxious to go back and work. It will be good to get a new companion and start over strong in our area. I will really miss Sis Sumagpao, though. she is a wonderful missionary and hopefully she can recover quickly so that she can get back working again.

I have been learning a lot this week. I have just had a lot of extra time to think and study. I have studied a lot about peace this week. I know that peace, real and lasting peace, is only found in and through Jesus Christ. Peace is found in overcoming sin and weakness and becoming strong, about having a firm, unwavering foundation no matter the circumstance, and a result of obedience to the commandments of the Lord. I know Jesus Christ is our means of becoming strong, He is our Liberator through Whom we overcome sin and weakness, He is our Rock and our Foundation, which will never fall. I know obedience is key. Through Jesus Christ we will find peace in our hearts, our minds, our homes, our wards, and eventually, the world.

If we don’t feel at peace, that’s when we need to evaluate our relationship with Jesus Christ and evaluate our obedience. I know as we do so, we will be led to find that true and lasting peace, He who will never fail us, nor forsake us.

I know He lives.

and He loves us 🙂

I love you all!


Sister Carr


“bring your own kanin….and ulam.”

hello, everyone!

today was a day I have been waiting my whole mission for!!! we went to the Banaue Rice Terraces for a zone activity! 🙂 The Banaue Rice Terraces are considered the 8th wonder of the world. and it is truly a wonder! Absolutely amazing. 🙂 I will send pictures next week when I have more time. We had to meet at 4am to head to the Terraces (ang aga…so early) but so worth it. We rode a jeep for like…4 hours, and then we got to go hiking around the terraces! It is so green, and absolutely incredible. I know my pictures won’t do justice what I saw earlier. I want to tell you the legend of Banaue as told to me by President Rahlf a few months ago–(forgive me if I miss a few details or don’t tell it quite correctly)

He says these hieroglyphics were found in the Banaue region depicting the people there. Amidst the people was a beam of light from the heavens, and a man who came down and taught the people how to build the terraces. President Rahlf said although we can’t be sure, would it not make sense that Christ would visit here after He visited the Nephites and teach them how to grow food in this difficult mountain region?

I know from what I have seen today that this is not merely the work of the hands of man. Perhaps the wonders of the world are wonders simply because no man could ever create it without divine guidance. I don’t know what really happened in Banaue, but I know the Lord guided the building process. It is immense. It is majestic. It is breathtaking. I know the Lord knows His children and the earth He has created. He teaches us how to use it.

This week was kinda hard and we’re still trying to figure out what’s going on exactly with Sis Sumagpao. we went to cauayan on wednesday to consult a different doctor and…we didn’t agree with his answer. so we went to another doctor in bambang and he was able to help her out a lot more. there are still some things we are trying to figure out, but we are trying to be patient and continue to listen to the Spirit to help her.

I don’t really know what else happened this week, but this week is going to be great. It started off great with Banaue, and we also have MLC 🙂

I know Jesus is the Christ. He is our Savior. He loves us. This is His work, and we are His hands, and His disciples. I know we have a Father in Heaven who hears our every prayer and knows our every need. I have no doubt.

I love you!

Love always,

Sister Carr

PS the subject line is from our branch coordination meeting yesterday…I thought it was hilarious. they were talking about an activity on saturday and they told us to bring our own rice (kanin)–which would imply that somebody else would be providing the ulam (the stuff that goes on top of rice and makes the meal complete)…but the “bring your own rice” was followed by “…and ulam” which meant essentially “bring your own food.” ha. sorry. probably not funny to you guys, but I thought it was funny.

banaue :)

banaue 🙂


banaue ulit 🙂

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