bagong simula :)

hello everyone! I am really excited that it is a new cycle and a new start. We have a lot of work to do here in Almaguer, and I hope we can work better with the branch and find new people to teach.

my new companion is a new sister training leader, Sister Lasay! She is two cycles behind me, and I am starting to feel really old in the mission. There are no sister training leaders older than my batch. It’s really weird, haha. But I am so excited to be her companion, and she is such a great companion. She works hard and I know we will be able to do a lot here in the next few weeks!
I was in a tripanionship for a day while Sis Sumagpao was gone until Sis Lasay came on Wednesday. I am super excited too, because Sister Jensen and Sister Solis are in Solano now and I saw both of them today 🙂 and Sister Pace is in Bambang!!! yay 🙂
So we have had kind of a crazy week. Our CR (bathroom) broke the other day and was not usable….plumbing in our apt is not super great. so we had to overnight with the Bambang sisters, which was super fun 🙂 it’s fixed now, but we’re looking for a new apartment, haha.
We are really excited about a new referral we received this week from our recent converts, Bro and Sis Delacruz. They came with us to contact her, too, and we had a great lesson. Having the member missionary work really makes our work soooooooooo much easier! We just get to teach and teach people who are much more often prepared than just people we meet in the street.
We have been trying to talk to as many people as possible. We still have lots of improvements to make, but I am excited about the next few weeks. I want to work really hard.
This morning I studied Charity. I know that charity is the reason for all of this. To become like Heavenly Father, we have to learn to love with a perfect love. His Plan of Happiness was created out of charity, the Atonement was wrought by charity, and He asks us to develop it.
One of our greatest goals in life should be the pursuit of charity, of Christlike love. That is how we become happy, and how everyone around us becomes happy. I know I am far from perfect in terms of charity, but I hope to continue to pursue it throughout my life.
I love you all!
Keep being strong with all the changes going on.
“The future is as bright as your faith.”
Sister Carr

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