hospital+mission home=no companion

hello everyone!

it’s pretty safe to say that this has been the craziest week of my mission so far! I am currently emailing from the mission home, and I don’t have an official companion until Wednesday, transfer day, when I will be getting a new one. it’s really weird to be a lone missionary. haha it doesn’t feel right at all.

here’s what happened: (kind of like Monk…except Sis Sumagpao is still alive)

Last Monday she didn’t go to Banaue with us because she didn’t want to make her sickness worse. Tuesday, we were only able to teach a few lessons. The whole time, her headaches are coming back and her stomach pains are getting worse, despite the medication she was taking.

Wednesday we drove to Cauayan for MLC šŸ™‚ but she had a really bad headache that day as well.

Thursday we had planned to go on splits with the Almaguer C sisters. We helped clean the church in the morning for service, and then the four of us went back to our apartment to prepare for splits. I knew she wasn’t doing well, and I asked if we should just cancel splits and take her back to the doctor. She wanted to work. But after a couple hours on the split, Sis Brown insisted that Sis Sumagpao could not work. We ended the split and went to the doctor, and he said if the regular medicine didn’t work she should be hospitalized for IV medication. So that night we went to the hospital. After we spent 2 nights there, we decided to relocate closer to the mission home…however upon arrival at the mission home they told us that she would instead be going to Manila to the Missionary Recovery Center so that she could get the best care and recover more quickly.

We spent all day yesterday and half of Saturday here at the mission home. It is great here. šŸ™‚ haha. I took a hot shower for the first time in like a year (that I didn’t have to heat up the water first myself). But while everything here is great at the mission home, and I love being around Pres and Sis Rahlf, I am getting anxious to go back and work. It will be good to get a new companion and start over strong in our area. I will really miss Sis Sumagpao, though. she is a wonderful missionary and hopefully she can recover quickly so that she can get back working again.

I have been learning a lot this week. I have just had a lot of extra time to think and study. I have studied a lot about peace this week. I know that peace, real and lasting peace, is only found in and through Jesus Christ. Peace is found in overcoming sin and weakness and becoming strong, about having a firm, unwavering foundation no matter the circumstance, and a result of obedience to the commandments of the Lord. I know Jesus Christ is our means of becoming strong, He is our Liberator through Whom we overcome sin and weakness, He is our Rock and our Foundation, which will never fall. I know obedience is key. Through Jesus Christ we will find peace in our hearts, our minds, our homes, our wards, and eventually, the world.

If we don’t feel at peace, that’s when we need to evaluate our relationship with Jesus Christ and evaluate our obedience. I know as we do so, we will be led to find that true and lasting peace, He who will never fail us, nor forsake us.

I know He lives.

and He loves us šŸ™‚

I love you all!


Sister Carr



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