gandang tanghali!

gandang tanghali!

we had a great past week. we went to cauayan for two days for STL training and we had such a great experience up there. We worked in Cauayan with Sister Alicando on wednesday since it was too far for us to go all the way back to Bambang just to come back up the next day.
we were able to discuss a lot of the problems and things going on in the mission with the other STLs and how we wanted to help fix them or make changes to be more effective as a mission. it was nice to be able to discuss our concerns and things we have noticed. it mostly goes down to our example as leaders. if we as leaders step up to a higher level, it will really help everyone else to step up also. Our mission has come so far in the past year and it is so amazing to see the changes and the resulting miracles. I know as we continue seeking that change and improvement, the Hastening of the Lord’s work will continue even long after the numbers of missionaries has decreased. we all have to go to a new level, and maintain that enthusiasm for spreading the gospel throughout all the earth. it is truly a joyous thing, although difficult. πŸ™‚
we worked really hard this week, and we saw miracles as a result. we are still building up our area, so even though our numbers might not reflect what is going on, there is so much good happening in our area right now. it is good to have numbers for goals, but you could never see the work that goes behind all of them. I am grateful we are beginning to find new investigators and service opportunities. the work is moving forward! and our trust and coordination with the branch is improving. we are so blessed to be here in Almaguer. what a great branch.
I’m glad we dont have to go to cauayan this week…haha it’s always a great experience but man, nakakahilo talaga….it makes me dizzy.
The Almaguer B sisters, Sis Guttenbeil and Sis Hamblin, had a baptism on saturday. it was wonderful! Sis Alvia has had to make so many changes in her life, but her testimony is so strong. She said something in her testimony that has stuck with me–“kapag may mga tinutukso sa akin, naalala ko na hindi sila ang makakaligtas sa akin.” or pretty much, whenever there are people trying to tempt her, she remembers that they aren’t the ones who will save her. When we focus on Christ and remember who our Savior is and all He has done for us, we will not be deceived. We will be happy.
I studied Integrity this morning from a liahona from february 2013. it is a quality I really want to develop more fully. integrity is incorruptibility; not denying what you know to be true; standing firm for righteousness; virtue; being honest; being true at all times; holding strong in times of adversity; resisting, avoiding, or fleeing temptation; purity of heart. there are many other ways I could describe it, but it is such a powerful virtue. it can make us so firm and strong–but it is also delicate, as one slip-up could destroy our integrity, for example, if you lie, you hurt your reputation as being honest. it takes diligence to build and maintain integrity. it takes diligence to become like Christ. but it is all worth it. when we are obedient and sacrifice to become like Him, our lives will change and He will magnify us in His grace. His grace is real, and I am blessed to be a witness of it and to share that with everyone each day.
I love you!
mahal ko kayo!
Sister Carr
flashback to ilagan!

flashback to ilagan!

me and sister lasay! :)

me and sister lasay! πŸ™‚

Almaguer Branch Sisters :)

Almaguer Branch Sisters πŸ™‚

yep, I had a banana-nutella crepe. ang sarap!

yep, I had a banana-nutella crepe. ang sarap!

purok 6!

purok 6!

Me and Sister Maddock reunited after 9 months!!! (STL specialized training)

Me and Sister Maddock reunited after 9 months!!! (STL specialized training)

Elder Coronel and Elder Tietjen--our AP's!

Elder Coronel and Elder Tietjen–our AP’s!

Me and Sister Lasay :)

Me and Sister Lasay πŸ™‚


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