bagyo season

hi! haha this is the third time I am trying to write this email because it randomly deleted twice, so I hope I get to send it this time.

this week has been interesting! we got a lot done since we went on splits twice this week.
we got a text on saturday morning saying everyone living in a flood-prone area (us) had to move to a different apartment because there was a signal 2 typhoon that was moving toward our mission. we have been staying with the bambang sisters, and that has been really fun 🙂 the storm hit last night, and the wind and rain was pretty strong, but everything is good now. we didn’t even lose power during the night. the power was out this morning, though, and we weren’t sure if it would go off again, so we are emailing early just in case. hopefully our real apartment isn’t flooded.
we did a service project last week at Mebuslo Elementary school, weeding and landscaping for them. (I love having service every week!) A member in our branch is the principal there. It’s far! It’s like a 30 minute tricy ride from Bambang way out in the rice fields and mountains. It’s beautiful there. We went with our district and got a lot done. I don’t know that missionaries have ever really been out there so it was different and cool to be somewhere that people didn’t really know who we were.
This week I have been learning a lot about patience. I just learned that Christlike patience accepts the will of the Lord and His timing and doesn’t push my desires over His will. Sometimes when we want something to happen or to know something we push and push to get it to happen faster–but with true patience we do what we can at this time and then take it a step at a time until the Lord’s time arrives to give it to us. He just wants us to trust Him. The natural man demands “now,” while the man of Christ is just willing to let the Lord work in His time. That doesn’t mean we don’t do anything–we still have work to do–but we don’t have to push and push our own desires when the Lord wants us to wait.
I love you!
Sister Carr

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