Hastening the Work of Salvation–it’s a real thing

hello 🙂

we had a great week this week. one highlight is MLC, and the other highlight was the Bambang District Conference held over the weekend. I’m so excited to tell you about everything!
Our MLC was focused on gossip and also about Captain Moroni. It was awesome to learn about Captain Moroni’s example. We will be reteaching the things we learned from MLC in zone meeting tomorrow. I am excited. I know the other missionaries need to hear these things. And Captain Moroni’s example is such a motivator as a missionary! He worked so hard, had such great faith, and never gave up.
17Yea, verily, verily I say unto you, if all men had been, and were, and ever would be, like unto Moroni, behold, the very powers of hell would have been shaken forever; yea, the devil would never have power over the hearts of the children of men.
what a powerful description! as we study the example of Moroni, we can learn so much about how to become a true disciple of Jesus Christ.
So for our District Conference, the main speakers were Pres Rahlf and Elder Ceasar Perez of the Seventy. He. Is. Hilarious. We were invited to the adult session of the conference on Saturday because it’s about hastening the work, and man. I have never attended a more hilarious meeting, yet we learned so much, and his humor made it possible for him to be super bold about what needed to change without being offensive. let me just tell you a few things he said:
-He told the story of Sodom and Gomorrah as related to Bambang. “Experts estimate that the population of Sodom and Gomorrah was about 200,000 people. that is about the population of Bambang. So imagine, if one day, the Lord goes to President Sadueste and says, ‘President, Bambang is going to be destroyed, unless there are 50 righteous people!’ so Pres Sadueste (the district president) goes and gathers all the people and starts counting them off. Kulang–there aren’t enough! So he goes back to the Lord and says, “Lord, pwede 40?” 
–as he is talking about the way the Lord works with us with commandments,  he says, “The Lord knows where all of the gold, oil, diamonds, and everything are in the whole world. He could say to Pres. Sadueste, “President, open your door, walk five steps, and dig a hole one foot deep.” and he does, and he finds one THOUSAND kilos of gold! and the Lord tells him to sell it, and buy all the members of Bambang district brand new Forest Everests, color green, because those members were late to church and now they will have no excuse.’ but the Lord doesn’t work that way! He requires that we learn how to exercise our faith, and He will provide the means for us.
–He also compared using the branch council to the electric fuel injection system found in Toyotas. thanks to Drew Linton, I already knew all of that..but it was hilarious that he compared it to branch council.
there was a ton more and I can’t remember. Another funny thing that happened was during the Sunday session. Pres Rahlf was speaking, and he got his glasses out of his pocket to read a scripture. In the process, his nametag fell off and was on the floor behind him. he just kind of left it there for a minute, and both his wife, Sister Rahlf, and Pres Sadueste, the district president, were sitting behind him. Pres Sadueste picked it up and snuck it back up onto the podium for him. without looking behind him, and assuming Sis Rahlf was the one who picked it up, he said, “Thanks, sweetheart.” the whole congregation burst out laughing and he turned around and saw Pres Sadueste…hahaha. so funny.
But Elder Perez made so many great points that will really help this district become a stake. the plan will take three years, but the work will really start to hasten here. We as STL’s were privileged to be able to attend District Council with him, and he taught us a lot about what the key components are in becoming a stake. It was so good. I learned so much about how the Lord is hastening His work.
Through all of this, and by the end of it, the Spirit testified to my heart over and over again of the truthfulness of this church. This is the Church of Jesus Christ, restored in these latter days. There is so much order. And the Lord cared enough for this small district in Bambang, Nueva Viscaya, Philippines that He sent one of His servants to teach us how to better do the work of salvation and how to become stronger people. Through this, I know He is blessing every one of His individual children here. this will bless all people in Bambang, not just the members. He cares and loves every single one of us. He has never forgotten any of us. He never will. We are precious to Him. This is why He established a church–to create order and means to reach every one of His children and help us on the road home to our Heavenly Father. 
“Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands.” Isaiah 49:16
We are never alone, nor forgotten.
Have a great week 🙂
Sister Carr
Boodle fight!!!

Boodle fight!!!

Elder Coronel, our AP and one of my mission friends. He is going home in two weeks! We will all miss him! magaling talaga sya!

Elder Coronel, our AP and one of my mission friends. He is going home in two weeks! We will all miss him! magaling talaga sya!


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