last general conference! (sa field)


this week was….insane. haha. A lot of ups and downs, but it kept it interesting, and at least the pinaka-ups (um..the best?)  of the week were a lot of great instruction from our wonderful mission president and then from the prophet and apostles of the Lord. May I just say, I LOVE general conference. It has become so much more personal and meaningful to me as a missionary, and the sessions have never flown faster than this past weekend. I hope I can watch it in the conference center in april. 🙂
we went on splits this week with Sis Mu’hamoholeva and Sister Pace. I went with Sis M 🙂 this is her second area, but she was so great to work with. She has such a positive attitude and great love for everyone she talks to. We found two new potential families to teach, and I felt the Spirit so much while we taught together.
on a different note, I also learned there are lots of eels in the bukids (rice fields) and that they are not dangerous, but people use them for ulam (aka food you put on rice). apparently it’s good, but…that’s one I haven’t tried. apparently someone will be feeding us frog soon. I”m kind of hoping they forget…haha.
we went to MLC (mission leadership council) on wednesday! that is always something I love. We learned about commitments, following up, attitude, and accountability. Here on the mission, accountability has been one of the things I don’t think I ever truly understood before, and has now become something with deep personal meaning to me. Learning about accountability has taught be how to be accountable and how to hold others accountable. it is important on both sides.
This is actually what I felt like the theme of general conference was. I know others felt different themes from conference, but that’s the beauty of it, that the Lord speaks a different message to each of us. For me, it was agency and accountability. probably because I am trying to make a lot of decisions right now. We must learn truth for ourselves, ask for ourselves, choose for ourselves. However, we need to understand that we don’t get to choose what IS right and wrong, but BETWEEN right and wrong, because there is an unmoving, firmly set and eternal standard of morality.
how can we build on a shifting foundation? we can’t. nothing we built would last very long before it would collapse. We must build on a sure foundation, and when we do so, we become strong and we can really make something of our lives.
we need the gospel to be our foundation. we need Jesus Christ to be our foundation. He becomes our strength, He becomes the Way for us to achieve our highest potential.
God gave us the ability to choose. It is a great gift. He trusts us with this, that we will choose who we become, Whom we follow, and what kind of progress we want to make.
“Resenting the law of gravity won’t keep a person from falling if he steps off a cliff. The same is true for eternal law and justice. Freedom comes not from resisting it but from applying it.” (Elder Christofferson)
I know that’s true! We all want to be happy, and we are given the means to choose happiness or misery. it’s always in our hands. and Freedom comes from living the law, not from disobeying it.
so that’s what I learned at conference. I want to be more accountable with my actions, thoughts, desires. I want to make the most out of my life, and I know Jesus Christ is the way. I have felt the power of the Priesthood and the power of the Atonement actively work in my life this week. I have felt the Spirit of the Lord work through me, and felt Him teach my heart. I am a witness of His love, because I have felt it so much this week. And I know that is available for everyone.
I love you!
Sister Carr

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