home away from home–the mission home!

Hey! kamusta na kayo lahat?

We are in the mission home again because sister Lasay is sick! she needed a checkup here in Cauayan and Bambang is four hours away, so we took a bus up here last night. it felt like the longest bus ride ever, and the bus we took was packed beyond capacity for a while, but I guess that’s normal. we aren’t sure how long we will be here, but at least by Thursday we will be back in Bambang because we will have zone conference. 🙂
so this past week went pretty well–
First, I will just reiterate how awesome Tatay Tapec is. He is one of the strongest members in the branch and he is so fast to respond to the promptings of the Spirit. I don’t know how many times he has come along in his tricy at exactly the right time. We never have to walk home in the dark because he is always available to take us home. The other night, I started feeling sick and we were walking somewhere and he happened to come along and we didn’t have to walk. Yesterday, we were getting ready to go to cauayan and we needed some medicine that Sis Guttenbeil and Sis Hamblin picked up for us, and he had crossed paths with them and helped them make the trip much faster. I hope one day I can be the kind of person who can respond to promptings the way he does. We truly have more influence than we think in our own spheres of influence–and acting on those small promptings we receive enables us to greatly bless the people around us. I think acting on the Spirit becomes less a challenge because it just becomes a way of life instead of, “Was that the Spirit? Maybe it was…maybe not…”
when we do our best to be worthy to listen to the Spirit, we truly become the hands of the Lord in the lives of others. We don’t have to hold a position of influence to be an influential person. It is, after all, “by small and simple means” that “great things come to pass.”
I went on splits with Sister Guttenbeil on Wednesday. She is from Tonga. We had a great time. We worked hard, found a new place in her area with a lot of houses, and were able to find people we haven’t seen in a while. Sister G is only one batch behind me, and she is an awesome missionary.
well, this week will be crazy and crazy fast–between being here in cauayan, service project on Wednesday, zone conference on Thursday, and Banaue next Monday–so fast. I can’t believe it, but there are going to be so many adventures in the next few weeks, and I am happy to continue serving the Lord.
I love you! and I love this work, and I love the Lord.
Sister Carr

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