kasipagan=miracles. (diligence=miracles)


This week had a lot of punted moments, but we were more than compensated by some amazing miracles!
this week we got really punted in Gabit, and we started tracting. we tracted a girl named Viel, and she was shy but we had a good first lesson with her. A few days later, we were doing studies and hadn’t planned to return to her that day. but during my personal study, I felt like we should go back and see her. we did, and sister Romano really wanted to invite Viel’s sister to the lesson. we asked if she could, and Viel just said that her sister was busy. But later on in the lesson, her sister came out and we hurried and invited her and she joined. her name is Lovely. As it turns out, she has been long-time searching for the true church and has attended many other sects. she has been taught by missionaries previously before, but the missionaries got transferred or something and they kind of disappeared and she wasn’t able to continue. she asked, “What makes your church different from other churches?” and we explained some of the concepts of the restoration and that we want to share this message with her in full. we promised her she would find the truth and learn it for herself. We testified that this is the true church and we felt the Spirit testify of our words. It was a powerful experience to know that there are prepared people and that the Lord will lead us to them, and also that we really are His hands and His emissaries.
it was also a testimony to me that sometimes, as companions, we don’t necessarily receive the same revelation as we do complementary revelation. this has happened many times on my mission–I feel to go somewhere and my companion has another specific but related thought, and it always ends in a miracle. how blessed we are to have that kind of revelation that leads us to trust in each other and rely on each other. nobody receives all the revelation. we need each other to do His work.
We had many challenges this week and ended up walking a lot, since our area is a large, rural area, but that miracle and other small tender mercies made this week so rewarding. Sometimes I feel like the day ahead will be difficult, but I always know by the end of the day I will feel grateful for that day and all that has occurred.
We have been trying to be more bold in our testifying and being more direct about the message of the Restoration. We are trying to teach so people cannot misunderstand. We are trying to teach so that they can know that w have what they need. I love feeling the Spirit testify to me of things I am saying, even if the other person doesn’t receive it. I am so sad when other people don’t understand what we are trying to give them, and I grow more and more grateful each day for the Plan our Father has created for us and for His Son.
I know as we strive to pray more and more sincerely in every prayer we offer, over time we will gain a more complete knowledge and understanding of who our Heavenly Father is and how beautiful His plan really is for us all. I have experienced that, even more so this week, and there is no better feeling than to know everything is in His hands, and that He really is concerned about each of us. He is in the details of our lives, and we are ‘engraven upon the palms of His hands.’
I love you!
Sister Carr
Me and Kakay :)

Me and Kakay šŸ™‚

Sis Romano and I by a little teeny papaya tree :)

Sis Romano and I by a little teeny papaya tree šŸ™‚


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