Roxas :)


I am now settling into my last area–Roxas šŸ™‚ (ro-has, like the spanish pronunciation). I am in Isabela again (same province as Ilagan) which I am enjoying. It is hotter here than in Bambang, but much less hot than when I left Ilagan!
My new companion is Sister Romano! I have been released as a Sister Training Leader and I am Sis. Romano’s second companion. Her trainer followed her up, but I guess I am technically her follow-up trainer as well. She is so good and her testimony is powerful. I already love working with her in this area.
This week will be busy, because the foreigners going home in december will all be flying to Manila on friday for fingerprinting. it will be exciting and fun, but I can’t believe it’s our turn to do that.
I have loved meeting new people in this area. There are some pretty inspiring people here. I love to see how the gospel is blessing the lives of people. We are teaching a man who has some sickness and he can hardly walk…but his faith is burning bright. He said, “Before the missionaries taught me, I just wanted to die. But now I have a desire to continue living.” He testified how if he hadn’t gotten sick, he probably never would’ve investigated the Church because he felt he could do things on his own. We also taught a blind woman, who is a long-time member and receives a special sacrament each sunday since she can no longer attend church. She loved just listening to us read to her from the Book of Mormon and her faith was so evident.
I have been thinking so much about how we come to a point in our lives when we start to feel like we can do it all on our own. Sometimes we even start to think of religion or God as a crutch, that was nice to have while we needed it but now we can walk on our own and we don’t need it anymore.
The truth is, we can’t afford to think that way. On our own, we are not strong. We are nothing. We are so small and so weak, yet are so strong in our own eyes that we can’t even recognize it.
32Ā Can a maid forget her ornaments,Ā orĀ a bride her attire? yet my people haveĀ forgottenĀ me days without number. (jeremiah 2:32)
I read this verse on sunday and it really struck me. Christ has suffered all things for us; we are engraved upon the palms of His hands; we are the work and glory of our Father. We are never forgotten of Them, yet how quickly They are forgotten of us. How foolish are we to forget Them–They who sustain us, ever bless us, and have provided the way for us to become more than we could ever imagine.
I know Christ is not a crutch. He is our foundation. We can only find temporary and worldly success on our own. I want to try so much harder to not forget Him. I want Him to be the center of my life, because I know there is no other way.
I know He lives!
Sister Carr
quotes I wanted to share from my personal studythis morning:
“What God requires is the devotion portrayed by Jesus.” -Elder D. Todd Christofferson
” The gospel is a plan of freedom that that gives discipline to appetite and direction to behavior.” –Pres Hinckley
“We can expand our freedom by perfecting our obedience.” -Elder Christofferson
“We are not obedient because we are blind; we are obedient because we can see.” -Pres. Boyd K. Packer

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